OT: Need some prayers

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OT: Need some prayers

Just got a call that my best friend who has been teaching in CHina is on her way home for emergency eye surgery. I don't know much yet, just that she was having blurred vision and has found out both of her Retinas are starting to detatch.

She just flew to Beijing, and should be in Detroit by 5:30pm tommorrow night. Surgery sounds like it will be on Saturday.

Very worried right now and especially about the pressure in the plain and its effect on her.

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oh that sounds bad, hopefully they can get it fixed and the plane wont cause to much trouble.

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Yikes, that sounds scary Sad

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Oh wow! That is scary! I hope they can fix her up good as new. I doubt they would have told her to fly if it could have an adverse effect. Let's just hope it doesn't!

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:vibes: So scary - KUP!

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I hope all goes well and she recovers full sight.