OT: So Cute!!! (socks for toddlers)

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OT: So Cute!!! (socks for toddlers)

1 pair Infant Toddler Baby

These are so cute... AND a decent price!!! The only problem is that you can't choose what you get. I think they would all work for a girl, but there are only 3 or 4 that would really work for a boy... I want to get a pair for my boy, but I certainly don't want a pink, girly one!. Hummmm, I wonder if they would fit big sis?!?!

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Oh my goodness! Those are absolutely adorable...I have to have some! I think I will take my chances even if I do get pink. I'm sure I could find someone to use them. Wink

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They are adorable!!!!

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They are cheap. I say order a bunch and give the ones you don't like away as gifts or sell them locally on CL for $2 each. Blum 3

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Oh yes, gifts!! Maybe I will order a few then.

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Those are so cute! I like those trumpette socks that look like shoes. They stay on the feet well too!

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way cute!!

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They are cute! Maybe when you check out, mention in the note to seller that you are buying for a boy and would appreciate, if at all possible, that you would like a boy pair.