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Anyone using them? I hadn't given Asher one until yesterday and he took it like a pro. I guess I'm not surprised, he loves to sleepeat...

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I gave the okay for the hospital to give him one so he's had one since very early on as did both of my other kids. Never have had an issue with giving them one other than the joy of breaking the habit later Wink Hudson seems less into it than the others were at this age but its priceless on car rides when he's upset!

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After my first two paci obsessed babies I will never go down that road again! If the thing fell out in the car they would scream and we'd have to quick pop in another one, or pull over and look for the one that fell. At night if it fell out, they'd wake up! Oh, and my oldest "needed" one until she was 4 in order to sleep well!! We actually took the thing away when she was 3 for 5 whole months!!!! Her sleep kept getting worse and worse, and finally out of desperation we tried giving her the pacifier back. Suddenly (as if like magic) she went back to taking regular naps and going to sleep an hour earlier in the evening. After 5 months!!! Anyway, we tried taking it away again when she was 4 and she did okay, thankfully!

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Lucas takes the paci, Noah never did. But if Lucas is having a hard time and wants to be comforted I do give him the paci and once he's drifting off, I take it out and he's fine. I hope he doesn't take it later on.. lol We will see!

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My daughter never took to the paci. I offered it a couple times...mostly on long car rides...but it never stuck. THANKFULLY! It really is one of those things that I'd much rather avoid than just do by default. There was a boy at a BBQ last night who had a paci. I was sure he was much younger than my DD. Nope, he was 2 months younger (also 3 years old!). Hubby has read articles saying that boys with pacis can sometimes result in delayed speech.

That said, I take it on a case by case sort of situation. Just because DD didn't need need it, doesn't mean M won't! Some kids probably can really benefit by it but some don't need it. DD had a great self soothing from birth! She was doing this mouth sucking thing in the OR right after she came out. She still does it when she's tired. It's her 'tell'. LOL.

The first couple days with M I thought for SURE he'd be a comfort sucker. Then my milk came in. Now he seems satisfied when fed. He has found his finger/thumb a couple times so I'm going to watch that and if it develops into anything we might have to do the paci. My friend who has a 3 year old thumb sucker wishes she had done the paci so she could have taken it away.

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

He has found his finger/thumb a couple times so I'm going to watch that and if it develops into anything we might have to do the paci. My friend who has a 3 year old thumb sucker wishes she had done the paci so she could have taken it away.

I was a nanny to a little boy who was a thumb sucker and I definitely agree. You can take a paci away, but the thumb is kinda important to keep around! He was terrible to break from sucking his thumb, he was still sucking it some in when he was in kindergarten.

We do a paci. Sometimes he wants it, sometimes he doesn't. I don't force it when he doesn't want it, but it does come in handy sometimes! My oldest hated pacis and wouldn't take them at all. DD loved them and wanted them all the time. I took the paci away and potty trained her the week before her 2nd birthday. It actually went better than I thought it would!

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So both of mine have totally used them for comfort, and I was fine with it because it wasn't their thumb. Actually DD, who just turned 3, still uses them at nap/bed time. DS1 used them until after she was born, so he was 3 too. It wasn't too hard to break him from the habit, so I'm thinking DD will be ok when it happens. Oh, and we never really let her run around with it, so her speech and teeth are fine.
I just don't want to interfere with breastfeeding at this point.

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She doesn't want it for the most part. I'd like for her to take it at night or when she is using me as one.

DS was great with a paci and weaning him was a cinch (we did it during an ear infection stint and never looked back)

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She got the paci at about 3 days and didn't really take to it until about a week or so. DS had it until he was 6 weeks and I managed to loose them all one day and he wouldn't take them again after that, which was kind of suck because he was attached to the boob allllll the time after that.

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Ema takes it bc she's a comfort sucker and will just throw up, also she's a screamer and it helps a ton. Dd1 still takes it.... I'm not too worried bc she does to days without it and is way ahead for speech,

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After comfort sucking almost the entire night last night, we decided to give him one! I've been giving it to him only after a good nursing session so it doesn't replace the sucking needed to get this milk flowing. I think he'd stay latched on 24/7 if he could!