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Past Team Green Moms

So we are still very much on the fence about whether to find out this baby's gender. Ive always thought people were nuts who didn't find out but now that I have one of each, I have no reason TO find out except just to know. DH isn't big on the waiting idea but said he's leaving it up to me. The biggest reasons I'm leaning towards waiting are that we really don't care what we have next (there's are pros to both cases) and also I'd love to make everyone I know crazy wondering rather than having them ask about how I feel or give their opinions on having another boy/girl. Maybe I just like the idea of being in control Wink The one thing that makes me want to find out is that I think it'd help my DD get more excited but maybe not.

Anyone who's done team green in the past have some insight for me? Is it really worth it?

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We were on team green for our very first. DD was a big surprise, as we were feeling "boy"! After that we found out each time. With baby #2 we found out so that we'd know if we needed all new stuff for a boy (which we did). With #3 we found out because my SIL was expecting the same month as me, and we wanted to know if we were having the same gender (meaning she couldn't lend me her boy clothes again if we were both having boys) or different genders. I ended up having a boy and she lent me her boy clothes again, and she had a girl, so I lent her DD"s clothes!

This time we are finding out again. I say 20 weeks is long enough to wait Smile I want to know if I need to get the baby girl stuff back from SIL or if we'll never need girl stuff again!

Since you have one of each, you could be totally fine on team green! I just don't think I could wait. It was really fun the first time, but I'm over it now.....LOL!

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To me, it's still a suprise no matter when you find out. Wink

I don't have the patience to be team green.....wish i did, but I know myself better than that.

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This is my first time going team green so I don't have any advice. Since we have 2 boys it would be a big shock if we got a girl and we would have to go out and buy some new things, but I don't think it's a big deal. We think it's a boy but don't care either way. I want the delivery room surprise because I think it will be an amazing moment and at that point you really don't care what the gender is because you wouldn't trade her/him for the world.

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We didn't find out with our third. Honestly, I wish we had. I guess maybe if she had been a boy if would have been a better "surprise." We were thinking girl all along anyway. It was almost like a letdown in a way (even though I really wanted a girl!). So, I've been much happier the times we found out early on.

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Here in Canada it's a lot less common to find out the gender than in the US (from what I've noticed). Our local u/s clinic won't tell you the gender. If they can tell WELL they will sometimes make a note of it on the file for the midwife/dr to tell you. In the closest big city there are concerns about people from different cultures wanting to terminate based on gender (believe it or not), so I think that has something to do with it. There IS a private u/s clinic here that will do gender scans but you have to pay for it out of pocket.

That being said, we are going to do team green this time! I NEVER thought I'd find out my baby's sex ahead of time...but with DD it was just too easy not to. We had genetic testing and found out to 100% accuracy at 13 weeks that she was a girl. Wow! Bonus right? Well, we could do that again this time...but I think I want the surprise. I really don't care which we have as there are bonuses to both! We already have all the girl stuff...and if it's a boy, more fun shopping later! I'll get a few boy things off CL just in case, but other than that, why do we NEED to know? We have no room to prepare for baby as our house is full now...and we have all the main things we need to get baby home and what benefit would it be? None really.

Another reason I'm not finding out is because when DD was born no one said "it's a girl". That bugged me. DD was on the table being checked over by the pediatrician...DH was there...and I had to ask "Is it still a girl?". Total bubble burst. I've watched a LOT of Baby Story shows and it never goes that way for them! LOL

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"elleon17" wrote:

To me, it's still a suprise no matter when you find out. Wink

I don't have the patience to be team green.....wish i did, but I know myself better than that.

yup. Just as surprising at the u/s as at birth, in my opinion!

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We were team green with DS. I thought finding out at the time of his birth was one of the most amazing moments of our lives. It was like a young child opening a present on Christmas Day! That being said, we are planning on being team green again this time around. Mostly because we already have one of each already and because it was just so darn cool at the birth to find out!

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We didn't find out until she was born. I knew I wanted it that way, and I'm going to go "green" again! I'm okay to put a newborn in other gendered clothes (especially a girl in blue) so we borrowed a bunch of stuff for the beginning anyways. And we also bought some cute neutral stuff. I enjoyed not knowing. I enjoyed people making their guesses. It also becomes harder not to tell people the gender if you know it, and you don't want to share. Everyone just expects you'll tell. Or that you're lying somehow. I find it so uncommon nowadays to wait until the end, so I kind of like that too. And it helps me feel like it's a less invasive/procedural and more natural pregnancy if I don't find out (even if we do the u/s).

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We were team green with both our first two kiddos. It was fun and exciting to get to announce when the baby was born. Everyone would guess and that was fun too. One of my best memories from when DS was born was when the doctor said "It's a boy!" and my DH said "It's a boy?", paused and then said "It's a boy!!". It was the best. However, you may get bugged alot - especially since you knew with the first two -- people swore we knew and just weren't telling Smile But, it overall, I think it was fun -- there are truly so few surprises left in life, why not have this one! I think we are doing team green again this time, but we shall see.

Like you said, there are pros-cons to both approaches. If we knew, since this is likely our last, I could clear out all the non-correct gender stuff from our storage room (mostly clothes - but, we kept most all the clothes from the first two kiddos). Plus, both our kids would I'm sure love to know!

We also kept name choices a surprise, we wanted it to truly be our choice and not be swayed by others opinions. So, you can imagine our family and friends -- not knowing gender and not telling potential names Smile We drove them all crazy! Wink

Good luck!

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We were team green with DS2. I just loved the anticipation of it...I agree it is a surprise no matter when you find out but I just loved not knowing and guessing right up to the end. I thought it was so exciting and really neat to have that to focus on during labor knowing we were so close to finding out. I totally thought he was a girl too so it was neat when DH said it's a boy?!? I just said "really?" haha but I would do it again however leaving it entirely up to DH this time and he wants to find out. I do think it'll be good for DS1 to know earlier too to bond with his sibling as brother or sister instead of not knowing. It's obviously not for everyone but if you're at all on the fence I'd say just try it, don't miss out on the experience. Smile

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With my last one I was team green. I was in the exact same situation as you. I already had one of each and it didn't matter. I really feel like it was so much fun not knowing. Finding out she was a girl when she was born was so exciting. I was kinda on the fence this time, like Lynn, I was gonna let DH decide but when I mentioned it to him I was pleasantly surprised that he was all for team green again. I think it will be fun to wait again. For me, the only reason to find out would be so that I could get rid of some clothes early, but I feel like that's not a valid reason to find out, what's another couple of months. I say go for it!!

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Thanks everyone for the opinions. I'm still strongly leaning towards waiting, mostly just to have the experience since I've done it the other way twice. I don't feel any different knowing the gender (I don't have that big bonding moment or anything) so I don't see that being a problem. The only thing that will deter me is if DH decides he HAS to know. I'll give him the option of finding out and not telling me, but it really is up to him whether he thinks he can keep it a secret (should he decide to find out). We'll see. I have about 8 weeks to make a decision Smile