The People Downstairs :)

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The People Downstairs :)

Remember the people who live downstairs? Sounds like their new addition is here Smile

I should be neighborly and leave a gift for them and the new baby. Maybe then my noisy kids won't bug them as much Wink

It is strange to hear that "newborn cry" again. Soon it will just be in stereo.......LOL.

Even crazier is that now there are 8 people living in this house. Soon it will be 9. 3 in the basement and 6 upstairs. Crazy!

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You should be neighbourly and give them a set of pacifiers as a present Smile Just kidding! Maybe a lasagna instead.
I remember when DD was a wee one and someone said to me, "doesn't she take a pacifier"?. No - she doesn't, she's a normal baby and sometimes she cries - deal with it!

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oo boy or girl?

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Don't know if you have the problem of other people's babies causing your mild to let down, let me tell you, not fun in the nicu where there are so many babies crying... but two newborns crying...

It would be nice to give a small gift and/or meal. I am sure either would be appreciated.

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LOL on the pacifier joke...maybe pair it with some gripe water. Blum 3

A little gift would be nice..or food...

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Well at least your and their babies will learn to sleep with a lot of noise. Really, you are just doing them a favor in the long run Wink

You're right, that'd be the nice neighborly thing to do. I suck at doing stuff like that and usually think of doing it then blow it off.

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Hopefully, they will realize kids make noise (even if we try to make them be quiet), and adjust to their own constant noisemaker just fine.

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too funny about the pacifier!

I would drop off a little something, maybe even just a casserole for dinner for them, or cookies. Maybe she was just miserable that last month and cranky and why she complained. Wink

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Oh man, I feel bad for them. That baby has been crying pretty non-stop all night. I remember those days - first baby, non-stop crying, no idea what to do.....Thankfully we all got pretty regular sleep up here, I just noticed it was still crying when I woke up mid-night to help my DD who decided to wet her bed (blah).

I have a ton of ripe bananas, maybe I will take them some muffins and a small gift. No idea if it's a boy or girl! We really never talk at all. I did notice their stroller in the garage is blue, but it could be classed as "unisex".