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Think about what you get told about triplets!!!

I am the proud auntie of triplet boys (who are now 15!!! ). Anytime I mention the boys I get the "they must be a handful" type comments. I was not in the boys' lives until they were 3, but I can tell you they were (and are) good kids. I think in many ways they are easier when the get older having the built-in playmates. I know the first year was hard for them, my SIL breastfed 2 at a time and the 3rd would get a bottle of either Bmilk or formula and rotated each feeding. I know I could not do that! She kept lots of charts so she knew which baby had what going on. And she painted their fingernails to tell them apart! lol, they are fraternal but look close enough that it could be hard to tell them apart. I loved the fingernail painting idea!