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So there is good news but it's bad at the same time. The Perinatologist did not find an abruption or anything else and baby is happy and healthy. This on the other hand means that they cant find the problem. Its good that it isn't big enough to show up on the ultrasound but concerning because there is so much bleeding and no definite answer. He thinks that it could be one of two things. Less likely being that I found out for the first time that I have a Retroverted Uterus which may cause pressure on my cervix, though it shouldn't cause that much bleeding, my cervix looked fine in the ultrasound, and it shouldn't cause cramping. I wish it was that because it couldn't affect the baby.

That being said, he thinks it is the second option. When you are not pregnant the blood vessels to the uterus are microscopic in size. When a woman becomes pregnant they increase ten to twenty fold and become as big as an artery to accommodate the new blood flow demand. The Perinatologist thinks that one of mine blew. This can happen at any time. It is caused by strain on the area, nothing I did. This affects the blood flow to the placenta and therefore the baby.

I am now in bed rest for at least two weeks after the bleeding stops. I will be seeing him in 5 weeks and another week after that as well. I am not allowed to put strain on my body so not too much walking, absolutely no lifting, and no straining to poop etc. The worst part is it can also happen if I am not even doing anything, because once it does heal itself it is weak. It was hard seeing the term high risk on the papers I had to sign.

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Aweeeee, I'm so sorry to hear the news. Like you said, part of it is good...and I'm glad the baby looks great...but the bed rest thing sucks! Ugh!

Welcome to the retroverted uterus club! I'm there as are a few more of the ladies here!

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Honestly, I'm very relieved to hear it is not an abruption! Those can be so scary!! That being said, I guess what he thinks you do have isn't necessarily less scary... Sad I have a retroverted uterus, and not once has it ever caused me one bit of bleeding, so yeah, I'd say it's highly unlikely that is the cause. Now the tilted uterus can cause some major pee difficulties in the couple weeks just before it "rights" itself (for me that has been around week 13-14). Anyway, I guess you just have to rest, and rest some more. It sounds like you are blessed to have lots of help, so just do what you have to do to keep that baby growing. :bighug:

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I'm so glad baby is doing well. I hope you can continue to get lots of help so you can rest and take care of yourself!It must be so scary. You'll be in our thoughts.

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So glad to hear they baby is doing well! Smile I'm sorry your report still has some scary aspects about it though...I'm sure bedrest must be tough. I pray the bleeding stops soon and you get back to a normal pregnancy with no more major complications. :bigarmhug:

I don't think I posted on your other post but wanted to say I loved your u/s pic of the back of your baby. That was really cool! Smile

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I love that pic, it is my favorite!

i am very frustrated because i thought today would be day two as i had no bleeding yesterday but about 11am i started bleeding. Sad I just hate the back and forth, at this rate i will be in this bed for 7 more months.

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Oh I am sorry you are bleeding again! I hope it all resolves soon and you can enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. It sounds so stressful!! Sad