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Ema is 5 lbs 5 oz and dropped from the 32% to the 26% overall which he isn't worried about because the placenta and cord look great. Her legs and arms are right in for size and her head and stomach are now 11 or so days behind. Ema was practice breathing the entire ultrasound! He was very impressed and said she is ready for life out of the womb already. I have been released from his care and have no more ultrasounds! I think she looks like she has a chubbier face than Elora did, and she is one oz smaller now than elora was at birth (37+2, 2 weeks earlier). I am not concerned and can't wait to hear what my OB says tomorrow!

3D pic not so good bc she's so low.
 photo 35weeks2days1_zpsd6d58fa9.jpg

Her hand
 photo 35weeks2days3_zps7e5f27ea.jpg

Not great but a face shot
 photo 35weeks2days2small_zpsc77c01f3.jpg

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This is such fantastic news! You have done a great job keeping her in there!

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Biggrin Glad you had a great appt! Sounds like she is nearly ready!

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Yay! That is all great news. I'm interested to see how long she bakes now after all she has put you through and the early scares. You've done a great job mama! Biggrin

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this is awesome.. you've done a great job!!!!

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Love hearing this!!!

I agree with everyone, you have done an amazing job letting this little girl grow!!!

I can't wait to see pictures when she decides to come Smile

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YAY for another great appt! You definitely ARE super woman! Way to keep her inside and growing. It's so nice knowing she's actually READY to live outside you now...after all the stress she has put you through. Blum 3

Cute pics!!!

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Great news! I bet they didn't expect to see you still pregnant mid-May! Wink