Perionatologist apt today

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Perionatologist apt today

My specialist and his colleague were both out for deliveries so they were way behind. There were four patients including me waiting. I ended up going in an hour and 45 minutes late. Emalyn looked good. She is head down and right on my cervix but not putting pressure on it. At first they couldn't see because she was so low so had to do a trans vaginal ultrasound. The cervix is 3.3 cm long still so that's good, 1.5 shorter than last time. Her legs are now just 1.5 weeks ahead in length and her arms are right on. Her head and stomach are a week and a half behind, so not any worse than last time. There is an ok amount of fluid also. She kept kicking and punching him, such s turkey. He is hoping I make it full term! Ahhhh yay! But he said that some women who bleed the whole time do end up delivering pre term, he is not concerned about me loosing my mucus plug because the cervix looked good and he could move her away from it. He said i have to continue doing what i have been because its obviously working. He praised me for it. I see him again in a month and that puts me at 32 weeks! Hopefully I don't see him any sooner.

Here are some pictures, and I also got a movie!

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I'm so glad to hear that he thinks things are looking good - and you could even go full term!! YEAH!! Very neat that you got a video too. Keep up the good work!

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I'm so happy for you!

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Oh yay for a great appt! You deserve a break. Keep baking baby!!!!

Very cute pics too by the the wee baby!

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Great news! You're doing a good job mama...I know it's not easy. Here's hoping the next month is pretty calm for you and baby girl. Smile

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glad to hear it went well and everything is looking good... keep on baking that little girl