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Are your pets sensing impending labor?

My female cat has been obsessively watching over me. She is always cuddly (rag doll) but this is more... Clingy. She has to be with me all the time. My male cat always wants to be near me a lot more than normal but not quite so obsessively.

The funny thing is when I being baby home, this female cat will be so angry at me, she won't come near me for days/weeks. She has just started warning up to Tori in the past year and she still hates Lucas. She will likely go out in the garage and just cry for a few days. So funny.

Anyone else's pets acting funny?

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Oh man! That cat sounds hilarious! We don't have any pets right now, but I loved your story about her. Crying in the garage. Blum 3

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When we brought Tori home she seriously did that! She was soooo mad at us. She thinks she should be the only baby in this house!!!!

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My cat was the same way! If I sat down she would come to love on me. She still wants me to love on her now. The baby doesn't bother her at all. I thought she might get all him, but surprisingly she ignores him.

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My cat lives with my parents, but she is always clingy so I only notice a little difference.
Too funny though about her jealousy. My cat was good with reed, curious for a minute but then ignored.