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Photobucket WARNING xp

Found this on anther forum (ff) and thought I'd share;

Please share and repost:

To post a photo on FF, you must host the photo elsewhere. Many of us use photobucket. I have for years and years. Well, recently, and with no warnings or notices, they changed something big.

When you log into the site and upload a photo, if the account is linked to your Facebook, it AUTOMATICALLY posts whatever you uploaded to Facebook. Even if you had set all your albums to private (I had). Even if you said you didn't want to use the new style site and went back to using the old (I had).

So, you may know where this is going. I wanted to tell my group that went through IVF with me that my tests just went positive. It is too soon to tell anyone else, especially with my history. But, no, thanks to photobucket's ridiculous invasion of my privacy (not even a notice when you log in or a pop up that asks if you want to post it) my pregnancy test photo was posted to all 295 of my Facebook friends!

After poking around in the settings, I found where photobucket's new DEFAULT was to automatically post your photos to Facebook immediately upon upload. I was able to delete the photo on Facebook, but several had already seen it and one had commented, which made it show in more feeds.

Please check your photobucket account so this doesn't happen to you. Please repost this to warn ladies on the boards you use.

I wrote to Photobucket in an outrage, but they can't take back that I may have just announced my pregnancy to all of my family and friends at 11 dpo by posting a photo of wondfos on Facebook. Not at all how I fantasized about sharing the happy news, and much earlier. I'm still just seething about it.

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That would make me so mad!!!
Thank u for sharing!!

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No probs! Omg I'd be mortified if pb done this on my fb!

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I have never been a huge fan of PB, but this is downright terrible!

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what the frick. That is ridiculous!!

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I went to post a photo from my phone to photobucket and it seemed like it was going to facebook (which I have never linked to photobucket) I uploaded a photo and then was terrified it was going to facebook but in looking I didnt see it on there (unless I totally missed does it album it on facebook? as a mobile?) I am scared to log back into photobucket to even check my settings now. yikes!

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:lurk: I just checked my settings and facebook is set to private for me

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Holy ****, I just uploaded a BFP!! I don't see it on FB???

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NM ... Confused!

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Ok so if you upload to PB, it posts - supposedly - to FB? Um.. not for me.. :huh: )I mean. yay! but.. :confused: )

What does FF have to do with it?


I see where it says "Facebook: Connected as Adriana Johnson. Automatically post to my wall when I uploadConnectedDisconnect"

Wow.. had that been checked, everything would have posted to FB. That's BS! :x

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I went and checked and thankfully mine was not checked, but wow!!! So not cool!

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Thanks for the warning Smile