Pics of DS.

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Pics of DS.

So last week was DS's birthday and Halloween. I thought I would share the pictures, my sister took them and just now sent them to me.

His costume he was a lego block, and that lasted until he was walking up to the first house and all the cups broke off when he tripped. :S He is a good sport though and took off the box and said he was a "walking tomato", no idea where he came up with that but he was happy.

On his birthday at my dad's house. He loved playing in the leaves, and had fun un-burying his uncle.

Cake time, with cousins.

My kid was amped up on sugar for basically the whole week. And though I wasn't particularly into seeing my father at any point DS had fun and that always makes me smile.

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Looks like a busy week! I love his costume but booooooo on the cups falling off. Poor kid. At least he was able to roll with it!

Not a great relationship with your dad? I'm not very close with mine either and he drives me crazy!

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He's so cute!

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I have so many issues with my father, usually I can just ignore them and ignore him see him once or twice a year and its fine. BUT seeing him while pregnant is an entirely different story, I just want to yell and scream at him and hit him. I could probably write a book on this subject but I am just going to drop it. It's not worth my time and emotion getting worked up over it (this is what I am trying to believe anyways.)

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Your DS is adorable! too bad about the cups falling off! What kind of glue did you use?

Sorry about your dad. I have a rough relationship with my father as well. I get along with him for the kids and that's it.

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It was silicone glue stuff, and the cups did't fall off so much as they were crushed, and looked bad so we took them off.