Pictures of Emalyn

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Pictures of Emalyn

what she ended up wearing home

our glow worm

waiting at the ortho

cast, not a great pic but it was dark and hard to see what I was doing.

snuggly girls, not the best bc of the flash this am.

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Look at those darling sisters!

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absolutely awesome pics

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I teared up looking at those!

She is beautiful! The one with the sisters is touching. love, love!

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So so sweet!

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Awe love all of them, but the sisters one is my fave too! Biggrin TFS!!

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Aweeeeee, I love those pics! Thanks so much for sharing them.

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So sweet!!!

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The sisters one is my favorite too! Adorable!

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Such beautiful little girls!

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Soooo beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great job there mama!! Smile

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Awe, love all those pics! Beautiful girls! Smile