please pray!!!!

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please pray!!!!

I have a high school friend who I lost touch with, but recently we started talking more again. (we are also both employed by the same school system) she is dealing with fertility issues. They just did their first round of fertility drugs... I think she did clomid (Im not totally familiar with the whole process etC..but I know she had a trigger shot) She goes tomorrow for a blood test. She has had two neg hpt but Im hoping its just too soon for the pee stick! (I know mine werent pos til AFTER I was a day late... ) she is so down because "everyone else is getting preg" and why can't she. this would be a wonderful start to her Thanksgiving if the test were to come back pos! I havent told her Im preg yet, I dont wnat to add to her list of ppl.. but we are planning on announcing soon. I so want this for her! Pray that they get the positive they so deserve!

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Aweeee, poor thing. I hope she gets her BFP really soon!

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Yes, I hope her TTC journey is over soon...I can only imagine how hard that is. Sad