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When did you have your first BM after birth? Today is day 3 and I haven't yet. I had an episiotomy. I'm scared. LOL.

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With Tori it took two weeks and it was more horrifying than giving birth. With Lucas, I was still at the hospital. Right now, I poop once an hour because of these contractions squeezing me!!!

You need to be taking stool softeners like crazy so it doesn't hurt as much.

Funny story!

Back when mom had me, you weren't allowed to leave the hospital until you pooped. You had to show the nurse! So in those days you shared a room and there were four ladies in the room. One pooped and didn't flush and all four claimed it as theirs throughout the day so they could all go home!!!! Oddly my mom loves telling the story of claiming a strangers poop as her own.

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I started a post about this a few days ago and never posted it.

Mine was day 2 or 3, and was remarkably not that bad. After I had DS2 it was DREADFUL.


I've been 4 times since I gave birth. I've been getting really bad cramps before a bowel movement - like excruciating pain! I can't even stand up. I really hope it doesn't continue.

Make sure when you finally do go, you just keep on spraying warm water over your stitches with your peri bottle as you go, and take deep breaths. Try to push slowly. It is a bit scary with stitches! Good luck.

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I think Wednesday was my first real one (born Sunday night) but I had no tearing. I remember it being really scary with DD with my "scratches". Take your time, and make sure not to push too much!

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I've always been fortunate in this area... never had issues. I've been regular everyday since the day I gave birth. No stool softeners either, but I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use them if I thought I needed them!! I did have issues after Aidan, but not the first week. I remember that things were like every other day for the first week or two, and then it started backing up. I would do something "small" every couple days, but then it would back up until after a couple weeks I would have 3-4 BIG ones over a day or two. Then the cycle would repeat. I had that "issue" for a couple months until my body went back to "normal." I never experienced anything with all of my others though. SO THANKFUL!!! With my first I did have an episiotomy. I remember not really wanting to "push" at all. I think I just grabbed a wad of toilet paper and applied pressure to the stiches, so I didn't feel like they were going to break open while I did my business. Maybe that could help!

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Hubby just brought home fish n' chips for me. That will often clear me out! Time will tell. I will definitely employ Laurie's toilet paper back pressure trick!

I think Marshall is pooping enough for both of us. I swear DH changed 4 poppy diapers in the night.

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Double post

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Newborn poop! Oh the joys. I think Madelyn has had poop in EVERY SINGLE diaper for the last week straight!! The good news when they do that is that you typically avoid the newborn "blowout"!!

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Well, the fish n' chips help get things moving! Yay!

Blow-outs suck! We normally use cloth diapers which don't really have the blow-out issue but we're using some free disposables we had.

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It took me a few days this time, but I didn't stitches either. I was still nervous though. The one time I did have stitches I had a BM in the hospital and it was uncomfortable, but using my water bottle with nice warm water did help. As for baby poop, I changed 8 poopy diapers in the first 24 hours! He was and still is a pooping machine!

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Glad the fish and chips helped out. I had an episiotomy with my first and was terrified but they gave me stool softeners in the hospital and it wasn't a huge deal when it happened a few days later. With my second though they didn't give me any softeners and I didn't think to ask and let me tell you what a horrible experience that was. Possibly more painful that giving birth and it had nothing to do with stitches because with that birth I tore diagonally upwards so I was damage free below. But ouch it was awful. So with this baby I made sure to remind them to give me stool softeners and I took milk of magnesia when I got home just for good measure. Worked like a charm.

PS: *hugs* hoping your episiotomy heals quickly! Those aren't the most fun thing to do with postpartum especially when it comes to sitting or being very active for the first few weeks. Sad

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Stool softeners!! Wink

It was within 3 days for both kiddos, but this time I had a 5 lapse once I got home