is it possible?

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is it possible?

for little one to be teething already?? I really think that's part of his current problems...

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i think it is, j drools like crazy i try rubbing her gums but it doesnt seem to soothe her so i think she is just a big drooler

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yep, definitely oldest got his first tooth somewhere in the 3 to 4 month timeframe

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I think saylor is teething too

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Oliver is teething. He drools like crazy and bites down on anything he can get in his mouth. My other two didn't have any signs of teething until much older. This is new to me!

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M is teething too. Lots of drool and chewing on his hands. It could still be months till a tooth arrives though.

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YES! With DD it started around 4 months. With Matan he's been drooling up a storm for a while now, and is totally chowing down on his hands or anything else he can get his hands on (which is a lot since he's mobile). And I rubbed my finger on his gums the other day which made him very happy.