Postpartum bleeding O.o and update.

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Postpartum bleeding O.o and update.

Ok so I am not really too terribly worried about it but it seems a bit odd. This morning I got up and had a fairly large clot, maybe palm sized, but since I had been laying down all night and most of the previous day I wasn't alarmed, there was only the one clot and not accompanied by a lot of bleeding. BUT there hasn't really been much red at all today, I have change the pad a couple times but both times they weren't filled much at all, and what was there was really light pink mostly clear-yellowy discharge, no smell, no pain . For only being 2.5 days post birth this seems odd to me, should I call the midwife in the morning or just wait till the appt on Wednesday?

Wynnie is a great baby, she was pretty worn out yesterday and didn't nurse a whole lot, so was down to 7 lbs even at the nurse visit last night. I stuck her for the PKU (I am kinda a freak about letting other people do blood), and she fed after that, nurse said she looked like a great nurser and wasn't too worried so long as I promised to wake her up to feed more often (though I was she would just fall back asleep). She finally woke up enough to really eat after the visit, and has been pretty consistent with feeding every hour and half to two hours. She sleeps good, and is pretty alert when she is awake. DS is in love with her, and trie to steal her at every turn yesterday. I will work on posting the birth story but if every delivery went like mine did on Saturday I imagine we would have ten more kids just because it was pretty easy and fairly quick.

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They told me anything bigger than a softball is worth a call in. That being said, if you were laying down for a long time prior to passing it, that makes a lot of sense and the slowed bleeding is a good sign that things are going okay. I wouldn't stress it too much personally.

Glad to hear she's a good baby so far! Makes life much easier having a mellow newborn Smile

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IDK about the bleeding...I personally would probably just wait until the appointment as long as no pain or other issue going on.
Glad to hear DS is enjoying his baby sister. Can't wait to read your birth story and maybe see some more pics. Wink

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I would call and just ask what they think. Better to be safe then sorry. It doesn't sound too worriesome but each place has their protocol. My Drs office says to call if it is bigger than a golfball.

So glad ds loves her. There is nothing sweeter to watch than sibling love!

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Your bleeding (and even big clot) sounds VERY similar to what I experience with pp bleeding. Just so you know, with all of my last few births (except for maybe my first) I had a lot of bleeding the first few days, then SOOOO light for about the next 5 days (like what you described) then the bleeding picks up again and is darker. It's been like that for me EVERY SINGLE TIME!! As for baby. She sounds good! They are pretty sleepy those first few days and somewhat hard to nurse, but they perk up!

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My bleeding tapers on and off the entire time. So far mine has stopped and started up again twice already. It turns brown and slows down, then comes back a day later bright red with a vengeance!

If you have any more clots, you can examine them your self to make sure there's nothing to worry about. Put on some rubber gloves and break it down and smush it with your fingers. If it breaks down easy and isn't fleshy at all, you are fine.

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I'm still bleeding too. Red and brown.

If the clot wasn't like a softball I wouldn't worry.

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I'm still bleeding even.... I was told bigger than an egg to call.