Practice Breathing!

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Practice Breathing!

Okay so I thought people were full of it when they said they could feel baby practice breathing because I never have before but I'm laying on my bed just now making some phone calls while my kiddos are napping and I could see my stomach "breathing" on its own on the side baby was laying on. I put my hand on baby and sure enough he kept rhythmically going at it until I moved. So cool!! Anyone else have this before? I couldn't really feel it (until I touched my stomach) so I can see how I've never noticed in the past.

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YES! I had it last weekend! 2 nights ago I noticed it again and called DH over to feel it. Not sure but he may still think I'm crazy.

Kia had it the week before and I *may* have though she was a bit cuckoo! LOL. But then she had an u/s the next day and the doctor said he could see baby practice breathing.

I didn't feel anything like this with was neat!

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I have never experienced it personally. The tech said she was during my BPP at 34 wks. I've wondered if I wouldn't catch it sometime with this one b/c of how she is positioned right in the middle of my belly with her back out. I'll have to look for it more. Smile

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I saw it the other night too! I didnt have it with DS but it was really neat!

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I have never really paid attention before. But I will now! That sounds cool!

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My midwife mentioned it to me a couple of weeks ago when I was laying was cool. We saw it earlier on a ultrasound, but it was neat to see up close and personal.