Prayers please:)

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Prayers please:)

I'm so sorry guys. I've been in the ER and in and out of the OB office. Pain led me to ER to rule out ectopic. Which it was ruled out. But I had to do the beta hcg draws twice now to be sure my levels are rising appropriately. My initial draw was only 95 so I'm praying when I get the results tomorrow for the second draw that they doubled. Prayers for a sticky bean would be very appreciated!

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Thinking of you....hope you get great results

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I'm sorry! Saying a prayer now!!

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((hugs)) I'm sorry to hear you are having issues. I pray everything turns out to be ok. 95 seems low for nearly 6 sure are you of your edd?

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My Due date was way off. It's more like June 16. I o'd way late, as usual.

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Oh hugs girl. So scary. I hope everything turns out ok. Sending sticky vibes to the bean.

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stick bean stick!!!!!

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stick little bean!

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Thank you so much guys! Ill update tomorrow as soon as I get the results. I'm just putting it in God's hands. I've been cramps but nothing too extreme. Just enough to make me go to the bathroom every hour to be sure I'm not bleeding. No cramping and no bleeding right now. I drank a liter bottle of water and that helped! Perhaps I was just a bit dehydrated.

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Stick little bean!!

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Positive thoughts for you!

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I'll be praying.

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Hope everything turns out ok. Sorry you're going through this.

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Praying for you! I hope you have good news in the morning.

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Hoping all goes well!!

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:vibes: Wishing for your healthy bean! KUP

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Well I got the call for my results and the HCG has gone from 95-200 in a little less than 48 hours, but my OB office wants me to come back tomorrow and probably monday for more draws. The numbers doubled them selves, even though they are low, so i am half tempted to deny the request for more draws seeing as it makes me very anxious to hear the results and i worry for the full 48 hours. What do you ladies think? Im more than happy to see that the numbers doubled, and I believe they are so low just because im so early. I didnt get my actual BFP til last Wednesday/Thursday so im only like 2 seconds pregnant as it is....I just want to stop worrying over every little thing and get on with this! Ya know? I hope everyone else is feeling great and i cant wait to hear from ya'll!