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With my DD, there was a person I know who is quite let's say intuitive. He knows things lets be honest. Anyway, he "guessed" her gender and her birthday correctly before she was born. My mom even guessed her birth weight to the ounce! Anyway, my mom just saw him, and although he had already told me he's pretty sure it's a boy who will be coming between May 31-June 5, he narrowed it down for my mom to June 3. He actually specifically said 11am (but I won't hold him to that amount of accuracy.)

Soooooo we'll see if June 3rd is the lucky day. I'd be good with that. I wanted to wait until June, and I like odd number birthdays. June 4th is my uncle, so I didn't want that. (I like babies to have their own birthdays). I would have been fine with June 1st too (or any day, obviously I'm excited for my baby), but having on a Monday could potentially mean a bit less hectic weekend/circumcision which would be good since it would be the following Monday morning, instead of having a whole bunch of family come in and stay over on the weekend which would be the case if it was on Saturday. Of course, I'll only be 39 and a bit, so there's always the chance of going a whole lot later despite how anxious I'm getting!

Anyone else have serious strong predictions? I have to go with his because I just have NO CLUE!

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Since early in the pregnancy I have had dreams that I only made it to 35 weeks. I really don't want that to happen, obviously, but that's the only major thing I've had happen. I am getting a lot of my normal "end of pregnancy" issues but I still think I can hang in at least three more weeks.

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Nope, no predictions here...

Wouldn't that be fun if he was right? I want a June baby another week I need to go!

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That's pretty cool. I hope he's right!

I go back and forth. Statistically, I'd say around the 6th. My gut says I'll go before then, but it did with the other two also and that didn't happen..I definitely do NOT have any intuition for stuff like this Wink