preg related or totally not?

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preg related or totally not?

So today everytime I eat somethign my teeth hurt. Is this somethng that can be preg related? I know that when I was preg with DS I couldnt STAND going to the dentist bc it seemed to hurt more, (gum wise) but this is more like my tooth. almost as if there were a cavity there... (but Im pretty sure there's not) and it started random all of a sudden today. ( not like a build up to it..) also my skin has been ITCHING for the last 3 days like CRAZY. These are probably totally unrelated to being preg but I was just curious. Im extra tired and congested today, and EXTRA bloated! but we got a good day of walking in taking DS to the pumpkin patch!

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LOL, well the tooth thing is just plain weird! Smile Not a preggy symptom I've ever had, but it doesn't mean that it's not for you. It is definitely normal for gums to be more agitated during pregnancy, so maybe teeth too??? Itchy skin can definitely be pregnancy related, but it usually starts later on I think? Hummmmm...

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Yep, I had some intermittent tooth pain last pregnancy and I'm having it again Sad

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I've been having a little bit of tooth pain... Which is weird because I didn't have it while pregnant with Bella.... I mean my gums hurt but my teeth never did.

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How bizarre.

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OMG Yes all of a sudden anything I ate sweet, cold, hot. It hurt my teeth, I was wondering the same thing about pregnancy and teeth

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and today it's totally gone. weird