pregnant already?

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pregnant already?

NOT ME.... My cousin who's little boy is less than a month older than Noah... is 8.5 weeks (I guess 9 by now) preggo! I think she's crazy. also found out my other cousin in preg with a surprise and she has a kid in high school, middle and elementary! I infomred my family I am not joining in on this party (Im the only girl cousin left thats not preg) I am starting a new b/c so I hope Im not jinxing myself!

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COngrats to them, but I think I would seriously lose my mind Wink

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I would not be able to handle it. I would lose my mind!

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I freak out about this every day because we aren't using any protection other than.....I am exclusively breastfeeding. Yeahhhhhh. Which usually is a sure thing for me but I am nervous nonetheless. I finally booked an appt with my OBGYN to get an IUD. Then I can stop stressing!

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We are supposed to be actively ttc, but my cycle is still all wonky.

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I'm not worried. YOu'd actually have to be DTD to get pregnant and that just doesn't happen anymore Sad