Pregnant Anatomy Models (not for the squeamish)

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Pregnant Anatomy Models (not for the squeamish)

***** Not for the Squeamish *****

Ok, I found this page today and I think it's SO neat! It's anatomy models showing different positions of babies in the uterus. I found it so fascinating! If you are grossed out by stuff like this, don't look. It's not gory or anything...but some people just can't handle it. I found the baby coming out feet first to be really neat. Not sure about the surgeon's hand up in the uterus though. Eeeeks!

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ETA: kind of makes you wonder how they usually end up coming out the right way!

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WOW! There are some really gruesome images on there. It is interesting how the babies can arrange themselves. Im so glad my first was in the fetal position most of the time, unless she was stretching in which case she had her feet wrapped on my rib an pushing herself down. lol you could even see her toes. I once saw and felt her foot, toes and all. It is amazing the gift women are given in carrying their babies.

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This was really interesting. But, am I the only one that felt a little faint being reminded that someday soon we will have a baby that large in our bodies, and also, it will need to come out....:eek: Lol

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That is cool.

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That was pretty cool and interesting.

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