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QOTD 1/22

How do you normally wear your hair and how long does it take for you to style it on a regular day? Also, do you get it professional cut and/or colored or are you a do-it-yourself kind of girl?

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Currently I have an angled bob (think Victoria Beckham but less severe) - it's dark brown (close to natural color actually which has gotten really dark since having DS) with a chuck of blonde for fun. It takes all of 5 minutes to style if I'm not washing it which I looooove. If I do wash, it takes around a half hour because even this short it takes 20 minutes to dry my super thick hair (try 30+ when it's really long...thick hair is a blessing and a curse). I always get it done by a stylist - have only attempted coloring it at home once and it was a disaster! But that was going blonde so I could probably do this color by myself but I won't bother. I have hair ADD and change it up a lot and don't want to fry my own hair.

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I am in between styles. I am trying to grow it out after chopping it off this summer. I haven't died it in awhile but always dye it close to my natural color. Just like to add a but more auburn to it. I dye at home most of the time but don't cut my own hair. I will get a color done at the salon every once in a while, may treat myself after i get off bed rest. O and as far as styling most of the time i just brush it, or put it in a pony when im really sick of it. I love to do intricate things when im in the mood.

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I have an angled bob too, Ashley! Way less severe.. time for a haircut again. My stylist did a bad job last time. I could tell she was in a hurry. Anyway, I don't dye it and haven't since before my son was born. It's too much up keep. I have dark hair.. close to black and it's very thick. It's not straight anymore.. it changed after having my son, weird! So if I let it air dry, it's wavy.. so I blow dry it or straighten it.

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I have medium to long hair and honestly it is usually up and back in a bun or ponytail. I like when it's down, but the humidity here makes it a difficult task after showering and blowdrying.

I usually shower at night and let it ary dry, then throw it in big curlers in the morning to get big waves. That's about it.

I get it cut, because I would never trust myself with scissors and my hair :eek:

I need to get it died and would love to go red like debra messing!

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Right now my hair is about shoulder length and I have some straight across bangs. (See current belly photo thread Smile )
I usually grow my hair out to about mid arm/boob length, and every two years I chop it off to a bob. My hair is super thick and heavy, so I always get headaches when my hair is long and I wear it up in a ponytail. It takes me a good 45 minutes to style my hair after a shower. First I have to blowdry and then I have to flat iron - when it is longer, I actually use a regular clothes iron to flatten it since it is much quicker. Obviously I can't use the clothes iron for my bangs though! I mostly wear it down every day, but I only wash my hair about twice a week, so by the 3rd day, I sometimes pull it up into a ponytail when it gets slightly greasy looking.

I get my hair cut professionally, but I only get haircuts about once every 6-9 months. Sometimes just once a year. And I don't color my hair at all. I do cut DH and DS's hair at home myself though!

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i usually wear my hair down if im not in the mood i put it in a pony tail but its down with bangs to the side like my pic. It takes about 15 mins to do in the morning. my friend dyes and cut it for me she went to hair school

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Mine is on the longer side, probably the longest it has ever been. It is naturally curly, with a few long layers. I have dark hair and I currently have an ombre dye job, I need to go back in for a trim and I will go lighter with my color this time too. I have been debating bangs for the past year or so, but I can't decide. If I don't like them, they take so long to grow out!

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I have long hair. I keep it long because it takes the least amount of time to style... styling for me is putting it up in a pony tail, which takes just a couple minutes to comb and put up. Smile When I'm feeling ambitious, and have a VERY good reason to, I blow dry it and put in some curls... this takes about 45 minutes to do. It happens maybe 3-4 times a year. I usually only get my hair cut twice a year. Once in the summer and once around CHristmas time. During the "winter" cutting session I also get blond highlights put in. I find that I get enough "natural" highlights from the sun in the summer. That's all for my poor hair.

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To add. I am very hair illiterate. Curly hair is hard anyways. Most days I spend at home so I don't really do anything to it. When I go out I will straighten it sometimes. And I do find some step by step updo ideas on pinterest that have turned out cute.

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My hair is horrible to keep up. I have super super thick hair and if I don't blow dry it, it dries all curly and crazy looking. Blow drying helps the curling, but then it frizzes out so it looks like I stuck my finger in an outlet. Since being pregnant, I have straightened it maybe once... but I used to do it all the time. I love my hair when it's done. I get it professionally colored - two different blond highlights go in - and cut and it's awesome. But it's sooooo much work after a shower that sometimes I just shower and pull it back. I can't pull it UP and back because I get a serious headache because it's so heavy. And yeah, it's long. It's down to my butt right now, but generally I keep it at my mid back level. I try to get it colored atleast twice a year.. yes, my roots show, but we have more important things to drop money on than my hair. It's usually a Christmas present or something like that when I do get it colored/cut.