My hair is horrible to keep up. I have super super thick hair and if I don't blow dry it, it dries all curly and crazy looking. Blow drying helps the curling, but then it frizzes out so it looks like I stuck my finger in an outlet. Since being pregnant, I have straightened it maybe once... but I used to do it all the time. I love my hair when it's done. I get it professionally colored - two different blond highlights go in - and cut and it's awesome. But it's sooooo much work after a shower that sometimes I just shower and pull it back. I can't pull it UP and back because I get a serious headache because it's so heavy. And yeah, it's long. It's down to my butt right now, but generally I keep it at my mid back level. I try to get it colored atleast twice a year.. yes, my roots show, but we have more important things to drop money on than my hair. It's usually a Christmas present or something like that when I do get it colored/cut.