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QOTD 1/23

How into holiday decorating are you?

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I really admire people who deck out their houses for every holiday! I could never do it myself LOL. I only decorate for Christmas, and that's about it. And even with Christmas, I really don't have a whole lot to put up - the tree, a few pictures, the nativity, and a wall hanging.

I have friends who have decorations for Valentines, Easter, Halloween, etc. and their homes look great!

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I used to go crazy with decorating but the combo of having two kids (including one who destroys everything) and moving to a house 3x times the size of my old one thus making my decorations seem pitiful at best....I have really let go and don't do much aside from Christmas. Maybe in a few years when the kids are a little older and want to help, but I really hate storing "knickknacks" for holidays as it is.

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I never really was, but since DS was old enough we kind of decorate for the holidays. We do Christmas, then I transitioned to "winter," then we will put up some Valentines stuff or make crafts. We made cool butterflies for the walls last spring. The summer goes by the wayside because we can go outside, but we start up again in the fall.

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I'm a Christmas girl all the way! I might put a wreath up for the other holidays and I'd like to start hanging flags, but other than that I save all my efforts for Christmas time. I decorate the week before thanksgiving and don't take it down till after 3 kinds day , 1/7. Smile

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I do Christmas, but nothing else.

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I do a little for Christmas and nothing else really.

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I used to decorate for aLL of hte holidays. then we had a child, moved to a different house and I got a full time (and then some) job.... now I decorate for Christmas and still struggle timewise. We decorated RIGTH before Christmas, and how horrible is it I havent had time to take it all down?

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Patience, I just took my Christmas stuff down and that's only because I felt a need to vacuum and the tree was in my way. It's all sitting in the hallway still, DH won't let me put it in the attic, but he hasn't gotten around to putting it up there either. :rolleyes:

I don't decorate much. The tree is about it. However, I have super awesome memories of helping my mom decorate in the freezing cold for Christmas as I was growing up.. so when the baby gets born AND bigger, I hope to decorate more.

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I haven't been good at decorating at all. DH hangs lights for Halloween and Christmas. We do some other things like towels in the kitchen for all holidays and i have some serving stuff for the fourth because that's when we got married and people gave them to us for the wedding. I have window clings for many of the holidays. I want to gain more decorations as we go through the years. we will see where my energy and time takes it. Biggrin

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Christmas is my favorite so I decorate quite a lot for that. For the others I do a few things. We have Easter and Halloween window clingers...and a few other items for those two holidays...that's about enough for me!

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I love to decorate. Christmas is, of course, the holiday I decorate the most for. Most other holidays, I have a few decorations that I use, but not many.