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QOTD 1/30

Are you planning on using a family name for this baby? If you have other kids, have you done so in the past?

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middle name of dd is. this one is after my grandpas mom

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I don't think so. My 4th dd has the middle name of my MIL. Baby boy has the middle name of both DH and my dad. There are no other names that we would like to use though.

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All of my kids will have family middle names. This baby will be after DH's grandpa who passed away a few years ago. DD is after my great grandma and DS has DH's first name as his middle.

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I'm sure either the first or middle name will be a family name. My other two's middle names are family names also.

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DD's middle name is a family name and our boy middle name for this baby is too. We don't know about a girl name this time as none of the family options seem any good.

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Yes, we will be using my uncle's name as a middle name regardless of boy or girl. His name was Daniel and we were very, very close. He was the eldest and my father the baby of 5 kids, so he was more like a grandfather to me. As an adult we talked all the time.

He passed away the evening before found out I was pregnant and I found out that he passed that afternoon. For some reason it feels very spirtual knowing that his soul left this earth as another soul was forming. (I was barely over 3 weeks when I found out I was pregnant)

I was actually always wanting to give my second child part of his name and wish he could have been here for me to tell him that in person. Sorry, I am still struggling with the loss of him.

If it's a boy, I really like Henry Daniel (but we haven't agreed on that name yet) If it's a girl, we have decided on Saylor Daniel (or a female interpretation of the name.

For DS, we gave him DH's first name, but call him by his middle name. Also, he has two middle names. Reed, which we call him, and my maiden name which is a tradition on DH's side.

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We got lucky, my mom and DH's mom have the same middle name, so that became DD's middle name too!

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Nope, we aren't traditionalists at all. Plus it's kind of late to start Wink

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We haven't used any family names, other than DS1 having the same middle name as DH. We don't really plan to this time either. Not really our style.

My FIL offered to pay us 10,000 if we named one of our sons after him Wink His name is Ronald. (not happening LOL) He was only slightly kidding.....LOL. My IL's are pretty well off so I wouldn't be surprised....LOL.

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For DS we used the middle names of my twin bro and Dh's bro that is unable to have children. For this one the first name is not a family name but we want to use Dh's middle name for his middle.

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DS1 shares DH's middle name. It flowed well so why not was our reasoning but it wasn't a big goal for us to use a family name. DS2 is just a name we liked so no family names. I haven't thought much about names yet for baby girl aside
of Ainsley is still on our list which was our only real girl name when pregnant with DS2. However we didn't use any of the boy names on our list when DS2 was born so who knows. But we don't specifically plan to use family names as a general rule.

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