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QOTD 1/31

What size of bed do you have and most nights how many people/pets are in it? Smile

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DH and I only have a double. It drives me crazy.

6 months ago we always had 1 kid in with us, mostly 2 by the time morning came. I finally got serious about putting DS2 in his crib at night a few months ago, and we had to start sending DS1 back to bed in the middle of the night. 4 bodies in a double bed is not fun when 2 of them roll all over and kick you in the face!

So for the last couple months, it has just been DH and I. Baby will join us in June in our bed.

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A King and I love it.. we've only had it for about 6 months, before we had a Queen. My DS will end up in bed with us 2 times out of the month or so. DH doesn't like it.. not that he doesn't like it but he feels that he's old enough to sleep in his bed every day, all night. But our cat sleeps at the foot of our bed every night Smile

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We have a queen and it's only DH and I. Our kids don't sleep with us ever (maybe for short spurts if they're sick until they fall asleep and then I move them to their own beds), I can't get any sleep with a 3rd person in bed! The only exception is when we have an infant around, I'll occasionally let them doze off with me because I can't resist those tiny baby snuggles Smile
Our dog does NOT get in our bed EVER. I slept with a dog as a child and learned that didn't work for me so he sleeps in a kennel.

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We have a queen, but I want a King. I get a great deal on mattresses through work, so if after maternity leave there is some extra $$ hanging around, I think I'm getting one.

Most of the time I end up on the couch or in the spareroom. I'm having a horrible time sleeping lately and DH is very cumbersome. When I'm like this I need my space in bed and he likes to be on top of me it seems. I feel mean, but I just don't sleep well these days.

DS sleeps with us from time to time, but he is genetically like us and tosses and turns all night, so I usually get kicked out or something DH will. lol!

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We have a king and its just the two of us Biggrin But for the past 11 weeks I have been on a full in our living room and DH on a couch with DD in her crib next to him. I sometimes have her in bed with me Sad its just hard when your tired and cant lift her anyway and DH falls asleep. Hes a sound sleeper so if i try waking him up it wakes her up. some nights are better than others. I cant wait till we get to go back to normal

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We have a Queen. Usually it has one baby in it (no big kids), but my baby boy got kicked out 2 nights ago (and he's actually doing really well!!!). So, it should be just DH and I for the next few months until the next baby is here. Then, for about the next 1.5 years we will have a baby in our bed again. Smile

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We have a queen to ourselves. We don't co-sleep and DD won't even come in for a morning cuddle! LOL

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We have a queen. It just depends on the amount of people in it! Sometimes it is just one, sometimes it is both, and some sometimes if we are lucky, none. The kids generally wait until daylight breaks to come get in though so it could be worse! We have been puttin our cats up at night, but if we didn't there wouldn't probably be one cat in the bed with us too.

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We have a queen. No kids. One cat always sleeps by me. The other cat used to but she has taken to sleeping with Tori (started exactly on Tori's 7th birthday. Too funny. Took that cat exactly 7 years to decide we were keeping Tori and she might as well get used to it).

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"PCCGirl813" wrote:

Took that cat exactly 7 years to decide we were keeping Tori and she might as well get used to it).

LOL!!!! Love it!! Smile

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King size here and so thankful we have a nice size master with space for one b/c I love having a nice big bed! Smile
DS1 joins us most nights or joins me anyway b/c it's usually early morning after DH has already left for work. But DS1 is a cuddler and is always right up next to me leaving most if the space unused. We also have a cat, Fez, who sleeps at the foot of the bed but I barely notice her.

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I have a full. It's generally just me and DH, since we don't have kids. We don't have plans to co-sleep either, because DH has punched me twice in the face in his sleep and ...he's a big guy, so..yeah, he's not hitting the baby..lol However, we have three dogs. Two small ones and one big one (that I'm really hating on right now, but anyway...) The two small ones used to sleep with us. Then DH brought the big dog here (it's MIL's dog) and said HE had to sleep in the bed too. There was NO ROOM to move or anything! Then my allergies started messing up and I banned the big dog from the bedroom, he sheds wayyy too much to be sleeping in my bed, with me, and my non working nose. So, DH said if he can't sleep in the bed, then my two can't either. :rolleyes: Whatever. LUCKILY, DH is starting to get annoyed with the big dog more and more, so I don't see him being here much longer. I'm a huge dog lover,...but...everyone has their breaking point.

Sometimes...my little girl dog will run under the bed and won't come out 'til after bedtime LOL so she manages to sleep with us like once a week

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LOL Jessica. My ex and I used to sleep in a queen with a 45 lbs lab cross and a 90 lbs dalmatian. Talk about no covers and feet in your back. NO fun. The dogs eventually got banned from the bed as it was too much!

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We have a queen, dh and I and Malia joins us somewhere between 2:30-6:30. We're doing better at staying closer to 6:30! Older kids are never in our bed, but baby will be come June, hoping to have M completely out by then.

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We have a queen. We just moved DD into her own room, but before that we had her single right next to our queen. And the three of slept there in some combination. She just started sttn (happy dance) in her own room. So now it's just me and DH. We are big people though, and we don't like anyone touching us while we sleep, so sharing the bed between three is really hard when we have done it, so we needed that single! But she comes in in the morning for a snuggle - to the tune of 45 minutes of playing in bed lol! We are lazy in the morning! And we snuggle her to bed in her room - and have frequently ended up sleeping there for stretches in her single bed with her.

I can't believe some of you guys can fit three in less than a queen!

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Queen - DD is 10 so she's in no way sleeping in our bed. lol.. Dog is with us 99% of the time.. But many nights I have the bed to myself b/c DH is up all night playing his Star Wars game down the basement. :roll: How he works the next day with only 2-3 hours sleep is beyond me..

Baby boy will sleep with us probably more than I care to admit. I'm actually looking fwd to it.. didn't co-sleep with DD.