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QOTD 1/9

What's your idea of a perfect date night?

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My favorite thing to do with DH is grab dinner somewhere cheap (I'm not an expensive restaurant kind of girl) and then doing some activity like going to a sports game or hitting balls or something. No kids! Smile DH got us season tickets to our MLS team so we have a lot of date nights to look forward to this year (some may include baby in tow, but that's okay).

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If I could pick anything, it would probably be dinner at a pub (YUM) followed by a live hockey game. I love hockey and greasy pub food!!!

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We live close to the beach. I love nothing more than walking along the beach, sometimes in the summer we take a picnic down just the two of us in the evenings.

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I love to go out to dinner with DH, we don't do it much and if we do, it's always around here and that's pretty much fast food or Applebees. Sometimes I want something different! But I like just having dinner and maybe driving around afterwards. I like to just be with him and be able to talk with him...in the quiet, with no TV and no cell phones.

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Probably DH and I would answer different things Smile

For me, I'd say go out for some delicious Chinese food, then catch a movie at the theater. We don't often go out, so usually our dates involve watching a movie together after the kids go to bed. But we're kind of "homebodies" and prefer to actually stay home. But a night out is nice every once in a while, no matter what we do.

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I know it is not a date "night" per se but I love to take quick road trips with DH. We do some of our best chatting in the car. We have lots of fun little destinations within and hour or two of our house so quick day trips are a cinch. Winery, ghost towns, off-roading, etc. I just like to get away from it all.

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I love it when we go to Brewer games. Although it is rarely just the two of us, I just love the baseball. Just the two of us it is usually to a movie when we can. Biggrin

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Umm, shoot, it's been so long since I've had one I honestly don't even know!! Last one was a year and a half ago. Seriously cheesy but Dh and I hit some thrift stores, then had dinner, and went to a movie. The one before that was about a year prior - probably dinner and a movie again. Honestly, seeing a movie isn't my "favorite thing." But DH is huge into movies. I'm huge into dinner, so I guess it's a win win. Smile