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QOTD 10/1

I'll throw a QOTD up today Wink

Ideally, how many kids would you like and why?

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4, so this will be our last. I have always wanted 4 since I was little. I was one of three and it was always 2 against 1. I just like even numbers for kids, but wanted more than 2.

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I think this will be our last. I don't like odd numbers though so we shall see!

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I've always wanted 2 im a middle child so the whole 3 thing is a big issue for me, of course DH doesnt agree and wants 3 i told him i'd comprise and give him 2 Wink

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When I first met DH he said he wanted 4 and I said 2. But now we are going for #3 bc I just didnt feel done with having kids and I really wanted to try for a girl. Even though DH family has ALL boys! I gre up in a family of three kids and it is true it was 2 against one alot hmmm maybe one more after this lol except i have to have c-sections and each one hurts more than the last!!!!

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Would love 2.... But unless we fall with twins I think we will just have one very pampered lo

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Before we had kids, I always said 3-4 and DH said 2-3. So we sort of agreed on 3 if possible. After having 2 though, we really thought hard about whether we wanted 3 because 2 is so convenient, but I just didn't feel "done" so here we are. This one is it though Smile

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I was happy with our DS, then DH brought up he wanted more, and I had already told him if he ever decided he wanted more (I never actually thought it would happen) then I would happily yank out the IUD. DH is now saying he wants at least two more (some days he says three, to which I call him CRAZY, but I would do how ever many more if that is what he wanted.) I come from a family of 7 kids, and while it wasn't so bad I don't think I could do that many, I still think my Mom and Dad were NUTS!

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2 or 3. I know I want more than one. but am not sure I want 3. But if I were to get twins then I'd be ok with 3 Smile

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Oh, good question. ROFL
For a while I've said 4-6. Last pregnancy (ended in loss) I was sure #4 would be our last. Now... I'm not so sure. I wouldn't mind 5. Or 6.

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I've always wanted 3, but DH just wants 2. I think I would be fine with 2 but I would just have to see!

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I have always wanted 3 or 4, but at this rate I would be over the moon just to have 1 little one.

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I've wanted 4 kiddos. DH wanted 2. We are meeting in the middle at 3 for the moment. We'll see if I still want 4 down the road and if so if I can convince DH! Wink

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Michelle and Liz - I hope y'all are holding your very own LO very soon!!

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DH and I always said 2 maybe 3. I think all along I had 3 in my head but just didn't make that clear enough with myself or DH. After #2 came along I said I think I really want 3 but DH was happy with stopping at 2.

I was the oldest of 4 and loved the big(er) family. I just feel like 2 isn't enough and also would like a shot at a girl. A chance for a girl is just a bonus...I want 3 kiddos regardless. I think it also didn't help that I went through my pregnancy with DS2 from a mindset of "this won't be the last one".

Anyway so as time went on I just became more and more resolved that I want 3 and have been pestering DH who had yet to give in. I really didn't know if I'd ever get a chance at #3. Then surprise, I was pregnant, that really was a shocker b/c DH and I have planned it all up to that point. We were married over 7 years when DS1 came along, nearly 2 of those with no birth control aside of barrier or avoiding during fertile time so it just didn't seem like we were the oops sort. KWIM?

Sadly, that pregnancy was short lived and ended in natural m/c about a week and a half after I found out. But, after that DH says we can go for #3....so yay!!! and here we are Wink After this we are done, I think DH will be getting the big V.

Wow, that was a book. Sorry, I got a little carried away.

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I have always wanted 5, but husband says we will be done with 3 but would be content to stop now (but is a willing participant in BD and loves babies....)

Honestly, if we have 5, we would be broke, though.