QOTD: 10-16

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QOTD: 10-16

What movie(s) can you quote word for word?

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While You Were Sleeping
Both Father of the Brides

Can't tell what decade I grew up in!:rolleyes:

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I love While You Were Sleeping!!!! I am also pretty good with Dirty Dancing...

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Stargate, and most of the Stargate SG1 episodes. ( I can do books a lot better than movies though)

My little sister can do the entire Shrek 1 without it being on with pretty good voice impressions and everything. It made an 8 hour car ride pretty enjoyable.

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None! Smile

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none for me either! I enjoy movies, but can never remember stuff like that!

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The boondock saints lol

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The Princess Bride
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Pretty Woman
probably a few others Smile

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Way too many... Men in Black, Anchorman, Armageddon, Talledega Nights, Batman (Dark Knight), Troy, and probably several more I'm not thinking of.

We get stuck in movies and watch them over and over.

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I couldn't do any word for word either.

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Most of dirty dancing......finding nemo....and prob some other kid movies