QOTD 11-4

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QOTD 11-4

Did you remember to "fall back" last night?

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I did remember, but I didn't hange any of my clocks. I just let my cell phone change itself and I will work on all the other clocks today.

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I remembered but DD sure didn't. She was up at 5:40am! (Normally she is up at 6:40am). My own fault for not changing her grow clock but I didn't actually think she'd sleep later so that's why I didn't change it. I feel like a zombie. I stayed up until 11 something...yay 6 hours of sleep. Gag.

We're going to switch the clocks today.

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we did remember. and DD slept awesome. She was so tired form her birthday party yesterday she fell asleep at 7:30 eating her yogurt. she slept with a few wake ups till 8 (with the change)

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Yeah we remembered. Most of the clocks we use change on their own, which is really convenient. We only had to change the clock radio in our room. Luckily Gavin went to sleep an hour later than he usually does for some reason so he slept til his normal time. I on the other hand was woken by the freaking daylight coming through the windo at 6. I hate the fall daylight savings time b/c I dont' get up that early for work so I dont need it to be light out so freaking early. And I hate how it gets dark at 5.

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Yeah I remembered! This was probably the first time switch I got to sleep "late" because my kids have been up late two nights in a row and slept later than normal. Plus I changed DDs clock so it didn't say it was time to get up until the new time.

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I completely forgot and only saw my phone which does it automatically. I was confused as to why I felt well rested and DS woke me up at 6:30......I was actually sleeping in. Lol!!!

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I unplugged the clock radio last week, cause DH is on vacation. We will set it later today.

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Yes, we remembered here. The extra hour was nice...I actually woke up about 20 minutes before my alarm went off. DH has been sick so he stayed home Sunday morning but the boys and I actually made it to church on time. That is pretty significant for us. :rolleyes:

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I hate Daylight Savings. I've been living in Saskatchewan for the last 15 years where they have no DS, and 6 months ago moved to Alberta, where they do. I hate it! No purpose.

So yes, we did change our clocks, but there's no such thing as an extra hour for parents of small children!

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Changed my clocks. Still tired.