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QOTD 12/14

If you were going across the country, would you rather fly or make a road trip out of it (not taking into account having to travel with kids...let's just say they magically appear if you'd like!)?

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I'd rather fly even if it's a short distance. I HATE riding the car for more than a few hours, I get so stir crazy since I get car sick if I read or anything to try to entertain myself.

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It certainly depends on the purpose of the trip:

If I were going to visit my kids, I'd want to spend my time with them and not on the road, so I'd fly.
If I were going camping and sight seeing, then for sure a car.
But I guess cost would be an issue because of gas/ airfare... Lots of research and planning if a road trip were involved.

In January and February I'll be taking two airplane trips. I certainly don't love airports....but will make the best of the trips! I also dislike making plans for plant and pet care for my time away.
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I agree, it depends on the purpose of the trip and how much time we have. Last summer we drove to California but the purpose of the trip was sightseeing along the way. We only actually spent one night in Los Angeles before turning around and heading back. We drove a bit each day, did sightseeing and even camped a couple times. The purpose was to see the world, not to go to LA.

So that said, I'd LOVE to drive across Canada and/or the US...but I would need to not have loads to do at the other end or have much more time than 8-9 days. I'd also love to drive through Canada one way and then go down through the US the other way. Gas is much cheaper in the US. Blum 3

I love flying too though. Smile

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Well, I can't imagine NOT having the kids with me? I really can't! I think overall I definitely prefer to drive. It's much more relaxing to me. In fact, this spring the kids and I are planning to make a big road trip!! Smile We are all really looking forward to it. We live in NM. Day one will be to drive to Denver, CO to visit my Aunt, Day 2 will be to drive to Omaha, Nebraska to visit a friend of my mom (kind of like an aunt), Day 3 will be to drive to my mom's house in St. Paul, MN. We will stay there for probably about 5 days, and then do the drive back home. Only difference on the way home will be to stop in Des Moines, Iowa to visit another one of my aunts instead of stopping in Omaha. Now the goal of the trip is to visit with my mom in MN, BUT we get the bonus of seeing my aunts along the way... and getting a free meal and place to stay!! If we didn't have my aunts to see, we would still drive though. We would probably try and make the trip in 2 days instead of 3, and just plow on through. Definitely not as much fun - maybe in that case I would prefer to fly!

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I prefer to drive at any chance possible, if I maybe had a Xanax or something I wouldn't mind flying (but my anxiety levels are at max most of the time and can't handle the searches and other peoples anxiety makes mine worse too eeep).

We have moved cross country (well midwest to southwest and back) and I enjoyed driving. I prefer to do most of it at night when there are less people on the roads. And love driving through non-populated areas or out in the country.

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I like road trips Smile But after a long while (DAYS and DAYS in the car) it does get old. I would drive there, and fly back! Wink

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I'm surprised how many people prefer driving! You could offer me an all expenses paid trip driving across the US and I'd turn it down. I really dislike driving long distances. Doesn't matter what you put me in...car, bus, fully loaded RV.

My DH has his private pilot's license so we fly a LOT so I [mostly] don't get anxiety about flying. Obviously, I'm always relieved when we land but you go enough, you sort of get accustomed to it.

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PUT ME ON A PLANE!!! Seriously! The most driving I want to do on vacation is driving "on location"...for example, fly to Florida and drive to the Keys for a few days during the trip. My husband is the opposite and belives that "getting there is half the fun" a la National Lampoon's Vacation. Although I must say that if the kids were not in the car I would be more willing to drive vs fly.

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I would love to do a road trip driving where you see all different places. I did this sort of when I went to see my brother graduate from College. we roadtripped from MD to KS. made lots of neat stops on the way but we were on a time crunch so we couldnt enjoy it much. I would love to take the kids on one to meet family when they are bigger! I have never managed to make it to our family reunion.

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Definitely fly. No question about it. I'm impatient and like to be where I'm going and spend as much time there as possible.