QOTD 12/17

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QOTD 12/17

What is your favorite part about the weekend? Least favorite?

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my favorite part i can spend quality time with DS my least favorite is DH works every single saturday and sunday

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Weekends and weekdays just sort of blend together.....LOL. DH is usually busy on Saturdays. I am excited for next Saturday because DH is done teaching his course on Saturdays so he will be free and we can do something as a family! I do like Sundays too when we attend church, but Sundays can get hectic too with other meetings for DH or I.

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I like having DH home so I can run errands without the kids or even just take a long shower without having two kids tapping on the glass chatting with me the whole time (lol).

I look forward to Monday though sometimes because our regular routine gets so messed up that it's nice to get back to normal.

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I like the weekends because usually DH is off of work (not always though) and then we can do some fun family activities. I completely here you on the messed up routine though, Ashley. That's definitely the hard thing about weekends. It seems like the house is a complete disaster by Sunday night. Normally our daily routine involves a certain amount of keeping up with "house stuff" but that's not the case on the weekends.

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There is no difference from weekday to weekend here, as DH farms. i do sometimes get the occasional visitor on the weekends tho from my side of the family, other than that no difference.

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DH generally has Sundays off do that is good. The worst part is, by the end of the weekend, my house is a wreck!