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QOTD 12/27

How much maternity are you wearing these days?

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Maternity clothes? Most of the pants I wear are maternity and most shirts. Ok, not yoga pants or pj bottoms, but for 'going out' pants. I've found that non-maternity shirts don't work super great with maternity jeans so most of my shirts are maternity shirts.

I'm still wearing my non-mat winter coat but the belly button is BARELY doing up. I need to get out my maternity winter jacket soon but I fear it will be rather tent like. Blum 3

I'm actually really happy with my maternity clothes this pregnancy. I'm smaller than last time so I had to buy new stuff. I got some really cheap used clothes the local swap & shop. One of my favorite tops cost $3! Then yesterday I got some new jeans on Boxing Day Sale and a couple more cheap shirts. It feels nice to be happy with your clothes and not feel 'blah'.

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I'm mostly wearing my regular clothes other than a few maternity shirts that I got from Old Navy recently. My existing maternity wardrobe was all short sleeves but I figured I better give in a buy a few long sleeved shirts rather than stretch out my normal cold weather clothes with these huge boobs! Wink I have a few pants that fit comfortably still since they are low rise which is good because my maternity jeans are still huge.

I only give myself a month or so though before I'm in all maternity as this tends to be my big weight gain period :eek:

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I have been in maternity pants since after 6 weeks! My pj pants are not but that's bc they are big baggy fleece ones (though they are getting a little tight) tops I can still pull off some of my non maternity and I wear a ton of tshirts that arent.... however it is VERY obvious when I wear them! I need to get some new maternity tops but have not had luck finding some I like!

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can still fit into one pair of regular pants but wear the maternity pants most of the time because they are more comfy. I cant still wear most of my non-maternity shirts but they are getting tighter.

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I finally bought a new pair of mat jeans last week because my old stuff was not fitting nice and made me feel frumpy. I am smaller this time, not just the belly but my thighs too. So I wear those jeans, or yoga pants, or squeeze in to my regular jeans under my belly. I probably will be full time mat pants by next week.

As for shirts I am still wearing mostly all regular tops. The maternity stuff I have is so big for some reason. My boobs and belly are way small this time. I am mostly just wearing tight fitting stretchy tshirts (either non-mat, or mat) and cardigans or sweaters on top. The bigger flowy style mat tops just look ridiculous.

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Around the house I am wearing my regular pants, and will continue to do so. Now my going out pants are maternity. Most of my shirts are maternity. For pj's I have normally been wearing DH tshirts.

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All my pants are just regular, low rise jeans. I'm not having any problems there yet. My tops are a mixture. I'm wearing a lot of my regular loose fitting tops, layered with maternity turtle necks underneath.

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I can still fit into regular clothes, but just gave up and went to maternity. In maternity clothes at least I look pregnant instead of just fat Wink

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I've been wearing al mat jeans and pants. Except for yoga pants and sweats. I have also been wearing a mixture of mat tops and reg tops. I still fit in my regular scrubs for work. So score for that!

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I have never left maternity pants since dd. lol, they just make me feel better anyway. now that ive lost 43 pounds, and gained a baby belly, everything is fitting good. I am wearing a mixture of maternity and regular tops, and I only have 2 pj pants that fit! Seeing as i live in them lately I need to find more but its hard to find the kind that fit and feel good all day. gerrr o well...