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QOTD 12/6

What is your current most comfortable sleeping position?

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I rotate between side laying and laying on my stomach with one leg curled up to my side to take some pressure off my stomach.

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I sleep on my side, legs curled, bottom arm between my legs. Sometimes I turn more on my belly, one leg straight, one leg curled.

As long as nobody is touching me, I am good. Poor DH. Right now I HATE snuggling. BACK OFF.

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on my side pregnancy pillow behind me and between my legs and pregnancy wedge under my belly.

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Any position that gets DS away from kicking me. He is a massive flopper and we have a king size bed and DH works while we sleep, so there isn't really a reason why he has to have his feet in my spine/ kidneys/ face.

Usually I start out with a pillow between my legs on my side, then on my back, then on my stomach, then back to my back. I sleep terribly. I have been falling asleep more on my couch lately, it reclines but is up against a wall so it doesn't recline fully, but it's pretty comfy.

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I haven't had to change my sleeping position yet. I'm still on my side. Back and forth, side to side. I have an awesome pregnancy wedge in the attic from last pregnancy but I haven't used it yet.

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I change so much. I love sleeping on my stomach, but it is starting to get uncomfortable. I find myself sleeping on my back more, I normally don't do that. I think I am at the stage though where I don't need to be doing that. DH likes to grab me and throw his legs over me so I can't move, I hate it! If I get away from him I try to get in a position so he can't catch me again!

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On my side with a pillow under my head, between my legs, and between my arms. Absolutely NO snuggling while I'm trying to sleep.

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I usually sleep on my side but lately i find myself waking up on my back. No snuggling for me either. I used to love to snuggle but, when I got preg for my DD sleep became precious and i don't want to be woken at all. So move over! lol