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QOTD 12-7

How is Christmas shopping coming along? Done? Almost done? Just beginning? Not even started?

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DONE. I do about 90% of my shopping online. All that's left to do is wrap, and I won't do that for a while, since we aren't putting our tree up for at least another week.

So nice to be done Smile

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I am probably almost done. I have to get a few more things for the kids and couple of more things for DH. We also make treats for Sunday school teachers and other peope we won't do that for another week or so. I find that DD is the hardest to buy for and her birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas!

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im pretty much almost done just have DH left, DH hasnt even started his side of the family so he better get moving

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Eh, have to get the nieces and nephew a gift, DS has decided what he wants to get them. And a sling shot for DS, and maybe a couple other really small things as Santas gift, but after the sling shot (which he has been asking for for two years) he won't notice anything else. Need to get my sister, and my mom something. I may just get them ornaments or knickknacks or something, because I don't know what to buy them. DS also wants his gift to his dad to be a new back scratcher.

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All but done. Just need a few more presents for parents and in-laws. Have barely started wrapping though.

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Almost done here. We have all the kids (ours and the cousins) done, just need to wrap and ship. We only ever do gift cards for our (DH and I) brothers and sisters, so it's just a matter of picking those out. Only thing left is my mom and dad really... not sure what to do there.

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I'm almost done. Kids are done and so are most of the adults. Just have some gift cards left to buy and to wrap. Lots and lots of wrapping to be done!!!

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So far I only have 1 gift for each of the kids. DH is done (except his stocking stuffer). In laws are half done. I still have to get the kids' gifts, have the kids make their grandparent gifts, and pick up gifts for my SIL, BIL, nephew, and my parents. I have no idea how I'll get it all done but some how it always gets done.

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"Momma Leah" wrote:

I find that DD is the hardest to buy for and her birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas!

LOL, my birthday is 2 days after Christmas...so I get that! DD is a month later.

I'm pretty done I think. I haven't made any sort of list this year so I don't really know all of what I have. LOL. I think my main things left are stocking stuffers for DH and my mom. Oh, also, I was thinking of getting DH a funky carry on suitcase if I can find one. We're going away in March and you have to pay for luggage while carry on is free...so he needs a decent rolly carry on bag.

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I have all but 3 exchange gifts done. Or at least i thought i had... i have been slowly having DH get the presents down here so i can wrap and it doesn't seem like as much as I thought i had Sad tho she doesn't need alot because she is only one but still.

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