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QOTD 2/11

How has this pregnancy treated your complexion?

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I specifically went to the hairdresser to get bangs cut in December because of the DREADFUL ACNE on my forehead. I normally have great skin, but these days I have at least 2-3 zits on my forehead at a time. Me having acne was what made me think "maybe I really am pregnant" back in October.

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during my first trimester i've had the worst acne ever but the 2nd it seems to have cleared up and now im dealing with horrible dry skin especially on my hands

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Dry skin and some acne. I don't normally have any...

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Meh same number of small pimples, but I haven't had the massive oil wells that I usually get before my period. But my skin in general has been really dry, I think it is more because of winter than anything else.

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I have this small rashy breakouts on my cheekbones and around my mouth. Its annoying.

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Comes and goes with varying degrees. Right now the acne isn't great though... a couple bad spots. My skin seems at it's best when I'm nursing before my cycle resumes. I can always tell when I'm about to get my cycle back, because my skin gets worse. With pregnancy it's usually always bad in the first tri, and "okay" the rest of the time.

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First tri I had rashy looking breakouts and now I'm getting one or two huge zits at a time. They suck!

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Horrible to my skin! I have tons of acne like I'm a 13 year old! Lol. I normally have a pretty good complexion so this is embarrassing! Wink

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"akpufa" wrote:

First tri I had rashy looking breakouts and now I'm getting one or two huge zits at a time. They suck!

Yes, the huge ones SUCK!! I had a couple big ones and they turned into these HUGE spots...

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I typically only get breakouts the day before AF. So with no AF, no break outs.

However, I am fighting a nasty battle with chin hair. I think I'd rather have breakouts!!!

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Pretty much the same. I usually have a little redness in a few places. I tend to get mini breakouts when I wear makeup. But other than acne, the bags under my eyes are MONSTROUS. And I'm pale as a ghost right now.