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QOTD 2/15

What kind of toothpaste are you currently using?

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colgate I think.

I buy what I have coupons for and when it is on sale. I'm not picky about toothpaste. Smile

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I don't like mint so I use the Crest Whitening Expressions Orange kind. It's still spicy for me but better than regular mint!

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Whatever I have coupons for. Dh uses the little tubes the dentist gives because he is picky.

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Colgate vivid white. Just bought it last night, it was on sale, two tubes for 3.50. Super friggen minty though.

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I prefer cinnamon but Jon usually buys it for some reason. Right now we are using up a tube my brother forgot here, hehe. Smile

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I have some special stuff from the dentist. I has fluoride in it for my decalcification spots. Good times. Blum 3

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I just switched to Sensodyne (spelling?) because my teeth have been killing me. They are sensitive anyway to hot/cold, and this pregnancy seems to be making it worse. It's actually helped a lot more than I would've thought.