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QOTD 2/20

What do you wear to bed?

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In the winter, DH and I are pretty ridiculous. Our bedroom is colder than most of the house and we like to be warm when we sleep. I sleep in pajama pants, a tshirt, and a hoodie/sweatshirt on top. DH sleeps in a hoodie too.

In the summer DH will sleep in just his underwear, I usually wear a tshirt and some pj capris.

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Generally a tank or t-shirt and shorts. I can't stand to wear pants of any kind in bed, I feel tangled!

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In the winter I usually wear flannel pants and a long sleeve tshirt. In the summer a tank and cotton/mesh shorts. It's all about comfort! Smile

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Whatever top I wear that day and pj pants or shorts in summer. When nursing I have a nursing gown I like too

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Right now I'm wearing flannel pj bottoms and a long sleeve t-shirt. If my arms aren't covered I get SO cold. We have air conditioning in the summer so I still wear a similar sort of thing except maybe not flannel bottoms.

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If DS is home, which he usually is, I wear a t-shirt and shorts or sleep pants, we still co-sleep most nights. If he isn't home, which doesn't happen often, I sleep in the nude. I often have weird dreams because I am wearing clothes that are getting pulled one way or the other while I am sleeping.

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Tank top/tshirt and panties.. no matter the temp outside.. lol We keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer!

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Whatever I was wearing as I fell asleep. If I spent the day in pjs, then that... Or scrubs or whatever!!

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I usually go to bed all bundled up and wake up in just my underwear. I always start off freezing and get hotter and hotter all night and peel layers all night long!

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Panties and a tshirt. I can't stand to wear pants to bed OR a long sleeve shirt. I feel like there's too much on me. Plus, DH is like a human heater, so even though it can be SUPER cold in the bedroom, by the end of the night I'm shoving off the covers and sweating.

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Here lately I have been wearing DH's XL t-shirts, they are the most comfortable thing right now!