QOTD 2/23

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QOTD 2/23

Ok, I've got one! What have you spilled on your big belly lately? LOL

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I was just having a snack of 7 layer dip when it rolled off the chip, through my hair, along my belly and onto the counter! LOL! Oh, such a classy moment!

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Syrup in the hospital, two days in a row...

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Spaghetti sauce tonight for dinner Smile

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The way I sit, I don't usually drop any food on my belly. But I'm GREAT for leaning over DH's plate (or whatever is on the stove cooking) and gathering some food on my shirt/belly that way.

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I also had a classy moment just the last day or two trying to drink my coffee, somehow totally missed my mouth and dribbled leaving a trail all down my shirt and over my belly. :rolleyes:

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Everything! I am constantly asking DH if my shirt is clean, because half of the time I can't see it!

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Almost everyday! And it will get worse! Lol

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suprisingly, nothing really. ALthough I keep bumping into things with it. lol!

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Mostly just crumbs so far...

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