QOTD 2/6

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QOTD 2/6

Do you enjoy reading? If so, what are you reading right now (or last thing you read)?

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I love reading, but struggle finding time unless we're traveling. I'm about 15% into Les Miserables right now and just hoping to finish it before the baby comes.

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I LOVE to read Smile In December I finished Anna Karenina, which took me about 3 months - a super long time for me! It was tough to slog through at some points but I felt it needed to be checked off my list! Last week I reread The Hunger Games trilogy just for fun - those only take me about 1 book a day.

I have been meaning to read Les Mis. It's intimidating to start, but I have a feeling it will be a similar experience to reading The Count of Monte Cristo for me - scary to start, but once you start you can't put it down!

I usually alternate between reading spurts and TV show spurts - right now I am on Season 7 of "24" - I started with Season 1 in early January. If I am immersed in a TV show then I don't usually start a new "big" read before I am done with the show!

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I love to read, but since DS I have read maybe 3 books Sad

I need to make more time for it.

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I like to read, but lately I have had no time for it.

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I like to read, but always non-fiction informational type books. Right now I'm reading "Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter."

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Oh, do I? Hehehe.. I am co-owner of a Book Club called "Spine Crackers". Last month we read "The Shadowy Horses". We read a book a month and honestly, that's all I can do now LOL Before I could do 2-3 a month.

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I love to read, and I am reading some silly romance book right now but going really slow with it. I haven't been reading as much this past month because we have been trying to quit smoking and I know I usually want to smoke like crazy while I am reading.

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I enjoy reading but am a really slow reader. I haven't been able to read much since Elora came. Maybe I should get a book or two on my ipad.... Seeing as that's one reason I got it....

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Nope...I'm not a reader! Am I the only one? LOL. I'm also one of the few who doesn't wear glasses. Weird...

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I really enjoy reading. I am currently reading a breastfeeding book and The Story (The Story | Read The Story. Experience the Bible.). Before that I read The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Something Borrowed. I don't read very quickly because I typically do it before bed as a way to wind down. It usually takes me about three months to read an average book. I would LOVE to read Les Mis! I don't know why it didn't occur to me to read it. Smile I have a Nook Color and it was the best thing I ever bought!

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Sandra: I read the Hunger Game series when DS was a newborn since I spent so much time BFing and it seemed like a good way to occupy myself. They are definitely fast reads except the 3rd one took me a week because I just couldn't get into it. I haven't read Count of Monte Cristo but have heard its great - saw the movie though. I haven't gotten to the part of Les Mis where I feel hooked yet but still pushing through.

Marsha: I have an oldish Kindle (like 2010 probably) and love it so much!

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Yup. I broke my kindle in October and didnt realize how much I missed it until I couldn't find enough satisfaction with paperbacks in my house and my parents. Anyway, I got a new one in Dec and have about 14 books on it already. Some were real garbage though. I also go through binge watching of tv, but lately have been way more into reading than any tv shows.