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QOTD 3/14

What time do you normally eat dinner? Do you sit down as a family or eat on the fly?

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I'm so bad at eating dinner. I snack too much throughout the day and come dinner time, I'm not all that hungry.

For us it is typically at 6:30. I aim for 6, but that doesn't usually happen once we get home for work/school/sports and take a minute to breath and change clothes (me), get some laundry started, all the other fun daily stuff.

That said, I do make dinner at least 3-4 nights out of the week (the others might be pizza, out, or on the fly because of swim lessons or something). I make a point of sitting with DS and most times DH is home in time for dinner with us.

I need to get some more crockpot recipes that can sit in the crockpot for 8+ hours (the chicken dishes seem to dry out too fast). That really makes the process easier for me. Tuesdays is almost always Taco Tuesday and Fridays is spaghetti or pizza.

I think it is important and we don't do it half as much as I would like to because I never know what time DH will be home and DS is too little to push back dinner time for.

Breakfast is important to me as well. I'm at least always in the kitchen talking to DS while he has breakfast and I try to sit with him for most of it. He could have breakfast at school, but I try to hold on to that time together.

I'm thinking DS is getting old enough to pick dinner once a week. We did that when I was growing up. Mom always cooked and I got to pick a night and so did my brother. The other nights was whatever and one night was always leftovers night.

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We try for family dinner once per week. On Thursdays, we eat out. The kids have swim from
2 - 3 and then Tori has dance from 5 - 7. It really doesn't make sense to eat at home. We usually all have lunch together on Sunday. Past that... I try to keep the freezer full of quick meals. I have been working really hard on growing my list of freezer recipes so that there are always quick things to heat and eat. We are so busy at night, if I don't do that we end up at drive throughs way too much.

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We do family dinner most every night. Normally around 6, the earlier the better though, so I can get out of the kitchen.

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We eat early. The kids and I have supper around 4:45-5:00 pm. DH is not usually home until later (Mondays not til 10:30 pm, Tuesday 6:15, Wednesday 8:30 pm, etc) so I save his for later. On Sundays we have a meal together as a family, but it is hard when the kids and I are hungry earlier and DH doesn't get home til later. I guess if I was a nicer wifey I would eat with DH instead of the kids!

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During the week, I try to have us eating around 6:30 but DH sometimes doesn't get home until later so it kind of depends on his schedule. Sometimes we will do a later dinner, or I might feed the kids earlier and then wait for him.

My family never ate dinner together growing up so I try really hard to make sure we do as much as possible

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It's crazy here so no set time yet and we rely on my mil and take out/fast food. I can't wAit to start a routine and cooking again.

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I always make dinner for DD, but it's not always a full dinner that would be enough for DH and me. Usually I'll eat something with her, then DH will eat later when he comes home, and I'll have a second dinner. Then other nights I make enough for everyone and we eat together. DH and DD always eat breakfast together since he wakes up with her. And I always have snacks and lunch with her.

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Family dinners pretty much every night here... but usually without DH, as he typically doesn't get home until between 6-8 (and we never know ahead of time really). That's too late for the kids, as we like to have them in bed by about 7:30 - 8. A few nights a week my DH is also usually traveling out of town too, so then he isn't home at all. So, the kids and I typically eat between about 4:30 and 5. On the weekends we all eat together. Oh, and pretty much everything is cooked from scratch, except for an occasional frozen pizza in the oven or something like that.