QOTD 3/21

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QOTD 3/21

What's for breakfast today?

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Normally it is cereal to get my folic acid in, but today I switched it up.

Lean Pocket Egg, Cheese and Sausage with a cherry yoplait yogurt. It was yummy!

Too bad I just ate it 1:15 mins ago and I'm hungry again!

I have stopped my routine of having lunch/dinner foods for breakfast, but I sometimes will do that.....eat spaghetti for breakfast. Wink

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Chocolate chip waffles with peanut butter and chocolate milk, second breakfast 2 hrs latter is cereal, tho today it may be rice Krispy treats my mil made, yum.

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Shredded wheat cereal.

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I had some high-fibre granola cereal for the first time today - trying to keep my bowels regular since I'm on iron pills now Smile

Still hungry.....thinking about some toast and a banana....

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i was a bad girl and i had a sausage egg and cheese on a crossiant with a iced cappuccino from honey dew donuts

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Fried potatoes with spinach and cheese, and bananas with peanut butter. Smile

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You girls are making me hungry even though I'm eating like right now. LOL

I'm having a bagel thin (they are like half the size of regular bagels) with cream cheese and a nonfat caramel machiatto from Starbucks - had to take DD to preschool so I thought I'd splurge. Mmmm!

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I had leftover Pizza Hut. Smile

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I had my last Auntie Annie's pretzel that I brought back from the USA. Then I was out and needed some change for some cloth diapers I was buying so I had a hot dog too. LOL. Ya, NOT healthy. Bad me.

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6:30am snack apple + banana. Then back to sleep (after being up with DD for a while), and came down for my breakfast at 9:30 - same as every day. Eggs. For the past few weeks it's a 3 egg omelet with dried chives, spinach and asparagus root powder and cheddar cheese. And a Tim Horton's half decaf/half french vanilla.

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On weekdays I usually have breakfast after I get to work b/c mornings are hectic and my staple is Smart Ones sausage and egg burritos with a cup of coffee. However today was an off day...I'm always later on Tues. and Thurs. b/c I come in later to drop DS1 off at preschool but stayed almost 30 minutes talking to his teacher. DH and I have been trying to decide if we start him in kindergarten or do one more yr of preschool in the fall so wanted to get some input from his current teacher. Anyway, that put me even later in at work and I had a meeting like as soon as I walked in the door and I ran out of burritos so I was eating peanut butter off a spoon with a cup of coffee at like 11 am. I guess that was more of a brunch. Smile

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Adina, that omelet sounds delish! :drool: