QOTD 3/23

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QOTD 3/23

What food are you loving right now?

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I'm SO in love with fresh pineapple right now! YUM! Oh, and Subway baked ham sub. Ummmm...fooood!

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Tons of variety for me. Spicy chicken, Big Macs, Cadbury eggs, I crave cousins subs Italian special tho

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Peanut M&M's. Smile

Chinese food.

Peanut butter toast.

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Cherry Fun Dip but mostly for the sugar stick in it (if I fail my GD test this is the last hoorah for me and sugar for a while, I have eaten enough today to feel slightly guilty) I could also go for the beach club at Jimmy Johns but they aren't as tasty without the sprouts :(.

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Almost everything tastes bad to me right now. I'm liking garlic bread. That's one of the few things. Sometimes the potato wedges at KFC really hit the spot.

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I don't have anything I love right now and normally I love food but not while pregnant. I hate having to come up with what to eat all the time. It's such a chore b/c I usually can't think if anything that sounds good.

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I hear ya Lynn. I have been more in an 'eat whatever' mood lately but sometimes some things just don't sound good!!!

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Still loving chicken tenders with buffalo sauce (ranch or blue cheese)
Ham and cheese sandwiches
Mozzerella sticks!!!!! - this one is a new one.