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QOTD 3/27

What do you have planned for Easter?

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We will likely do a small egg hunt on Easter Sunday for the kids at home. Inside obviously Smile Then we will attend church as usual.

For Easter supper we are joining my cousins at their home. I have 2 cousins who live in the city but I rarely see them because they live an hour away - we literally live on opposite sides of the city. So we will drive down after church to spend the evening there with both my cousins and their families.

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DD got invited to a private Easter Egg hunt on Sunday, so we'll go to that. There are a lot of public ones around here but we have avoided them thus far because I've heard they are INSANE. DD is small (27lbs at 3 years) and I always worry about the big kids pushing her over! Anyways, it was nice of a baby group friend to invite us to this private one.

There has been no word on a dinner. Well, my mom mentioned it last weekend but she's broke so I'm not holding my breath. I haven't heard anything from MIL.

Technically Monday isn't a STAT holiday here but daycare is closed so I guess I'm not working. I LOVE that. Blum 3

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My in laws are taking dd to church then we head over to their house at 1 with the family I will be laying on the couch but at least ill be there.

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Going to 'attempt' church (DS is not very good at being still or quiet for more than 5 minutes)

Brunch with my MIL

Dinner with my family at a family friend's house. I'm hoping it warms up enought for swimming. It is supposed to b 80, but their pool isn't heated and its been 40 - 60 all week so far.

Possibly an Easter egg hunt on saturday at a friend's house, but they live like an hour away, so I'm not sure yet.

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We got Easter egg hunts out of the way last weekend. We may do one at the house for just our two. It looks like it will have to be inside on account of it raining. We will go to church and then I am cooking Easter dinner for DH's family, there should be 14 of us!

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We will be off on spring break so ill go to my mom's church and then we are having a family thing at my aunt's. last I heard, we were having an egg hunt on Monday when the candy is clearanced! Smile

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We're planning on doing an egg hunt just at our house (hopefully outside if the weather cooperates!). DH has these big plans of putting candy everywhere inside like his parents did when he was little...I don't really get it but whatever, if he's into something special then have at it! I think we'll skip the organized "hunts" this year, my kids aren't big enough to care and they get trampled so it's just stressful. Our neighborhood actually does a cute one but it was last weekend and we weren't home.