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QOTD 3/5

Did you play any sports as a kid?

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When I was really little, I did dance, soccer, and softball. But we moved around a lot so wasn't doing anything anymore by the time I was 11 or 12.

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I've never been super sporty. I know as a child I did swimming, ballet and figure skating but not for a SUPER long time. When I was in my late teens I did Ringette for a couple years. Ringette is like hockey but with a ring instead of a puck and a straight stick. It's played on ice. I think that's about it for me.

DD is currently doing swimming and ballet and loving it. I hope she likes sports more than I did.

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I was a pretty busy kid/teenager.

I danced ballet & jazz from 5 - 17 (tap for a few years in high school)
Swim Team for a few years
Softball for a few years
Lacrosse for a few years

I always wanted to joing crew, but my mom just couldn't fathom waking up that early to take me....lol!

Dance was year round so it took up alot of time. I usually took 3 -5 classes a week.

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I danced from 3-18, teaching it for 4 years. All disciplines
Swim team for many years
Softball for 4 ish t-ball of course when little
Volleyball for 3ish
Show chior for 7 years
Cross country for 1.5

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I danced until I was about 12. I think I played a year of softball when I was about 10 too, but I have never been athletic.

I was a fine arts girl - chamber choir, jazz choir, drama, musicals.

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I played softball for one season in highschool, it was for a neighborhood league. I was never really much of a team sports person.

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I danced until I was 12. We moved and I never found a new studio. I enjoyed ice skating but never took lesson. I was never very into sports. I coach basketball and soccer now and it is sooooo far out of my comfort zone!

I was more the nerd. Math and science clubs, yearbook, honor society, all that stuff. In college I got into kayaking for awhile and played in a broom hockey league. That sport was brutal!

I got really overweight after college because I didn't have any physical activity I really enjoyed. That's why I have my kids in so many sports now. I am hoping they will find the one that they will love and stick with as adults.

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I did dance when I was really young, then gymnastics til high school. Played some basketball and volleyball in high school, and intramurals in university - never anything serious. Before DD was born I did a bit of basketball and played in a softball league. And now I dabble in crossfit, which is turning into more of a sport as the years and marketing progress. I'm hoping to get back to the gym in the next week or two. And hopefully next summer I will find another summer softball league to join if I can get the LO to sleep without me having to always be there, which was the issue with DD and trying to play last summer.

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So funny I had completely forgotten I did swim team briefly in high school. :doh: It just hit me when I started reading all of yours. Silly me.