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QOTD 3/6

How often do you take naps?

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Maybe once a month. I know I know, I should be taking advantage of this bed rest but I just can't fall asleep in front of people.

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Depends on what takes priority that day Smile Nap vs. shower vs. running errands?

I actually napped twice already this week, Monday and Tuesday. DS2's nap falls right when the other kids are both at school (hallelujah!) and I was exhausted this week. Today I have to get groceries, so the nap might not be in the agenda.

I'd say on average once a week.

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I take a nap maybe once a year. I'm just not a nap person; it takes me forever to fall asleep and I generally feel like crap when I wake up and then can't sleep at night.

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I am not normally a nap person. Only when I am sick or pregnant. I am not currently taking as many naps as I was in the first trimester. There are times when I feel like I could, and sometimes I do, but for now I have the willpower to resist!

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I'm not a nap person either. I often just wake up more confused and dopey so it's not worth it.

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Well that's a tricky question??

I daydream about naps all day long! I get to take one, hmmmmmm maybe on a saturday or sunday is I can get DS to nap and ignore all the rest of the chores.

Soon enough I will be taking part of my lunch time to nap in the car. lol!

I LOVE naps!!!

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Not nearly enough Wink

I am a marathon napper so less than an hour is not possible for me. I usually only take a nap on Sunday afternoon though.

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I take a nap nearly everyday that I work. I have to be at work at 4am and I dont get enough sleep thru the night. However, I usually wake feeling like crap...so I TRY to resist, but I always end up sleeping. Plus, like Lynn said, I can't just sleep for an hour. I usually sleep for at least 2, sometimes 3..and then it's hard to sleep at night. It's a bad cycle LOL

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nap???? what on earth is that lol. Never!!! i use to take a daily nap every day after work with my DS but this time around that doesnt get to happen. I just end up going to bed a little earlier sometimes im in bed by 9 pm

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I napped right at the beginning, then was in bed all day for most days so the napping stopped. Now I don't really nap in the day. HOWEVER, after DD wakes up in the morning and gives us our snuggles for 45+ minutes, DH takes her so that I can go back to sleep for another hour or so. Does that count as a nap? It's an early morning nap Smile

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Pregnant? Every. Single. Day. I wouldn't make it without one. Normal life? Usually on Sunday after church. I love naps. And I've trained my kids that when mommy needs a nap, it's time to play quietly in their room with Legos or read a book. They are sooooo good about it!

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... I nap at least twice a week. DH is always home by noon so he is with DS while I nap. And Sundays I wake up make breakfast for DH and DS and go back to sleep until lunch time. I am always tired because I get pretty bad insomnia most every night.