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QOTD 4/17

Do you prefer texting or phone calls?

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I'd rather text if it isn't something that requires a long conversation. I'm not a phone chatter so I'd rather be quick and to the point which text accomplishes.

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If it is quick information I need to convey to get, texting. If I want to catch up or need to explain phone call

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I enjoy texting. I'll call if i know it will take to long to get a response.

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Texting. I've never been a big phone person so I love being able to text. Especially my mom who has no attention span. If I tell her something on the phone, I know she was probably distracted and didn't hear me. If its important, I text her so I know she saw the words and will therefore remember!

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I kinda hate both, I hate having a cell phone at all but DH made me get one. I usually just text them.

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I hate the phone. Texting and email all the way!

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"Heatherbella" wrote:

I hate the phone. Texting and email all the way!

I'm like that too. It drives my DH nuts that I'd rather send an email and wait for a response than to just pick up the phone and get an immediate answer. He was in sales for years so talking on the phone is second nature to him. I'm much more articulate when I can type it out Wink

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Both DH and I hate the phone. I never phone people when I can email or text.

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I would rather text if it is appropriate. I have always hated talking on the phone too!