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QOTD 4/2

How has your pregnancy affected your SO?

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Not sure. Some days he seems oblivious to the fact I'm pregnant, others he is all there.

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She knows there's baby "ema" in my belly and likes to kiss and poke my bump. It's hard on her because I can't take care of her or pick her up. :(. I'm ready to be done because of that alone

Edit: oops so not lo. My bad. Brains left me tamely. This pregnancy has been hard on dh because I'm on bedrest. It puts a lot on him and he's stressed and just as anxious as me. He always asks how I'm doing, if I need to go in etc. not to mention ( tmi) 19 weeks 5 days of bedrest also means more than 20 weeks without DDT. He misses moving his wife around.

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I switched our coffee to half-caff so I can drink more...oh but maybe DH doesn't know about that. Wink I figured drinking less caffeine won't hurt him. He also has someone to compete with for the bathroom at night since he normally gets up to go once or twice and normally I don't EVER.

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DH complains about how much insurance costs, other than that he acts like we have another year until this kid gets here.

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DH I think mostly forgets I'm pregnant LOL. He's not too involved, but he never has been, and honestly, I could care less! He did come to the U/S, he's come to U/S for all the kids, but never to an appt. Honestly though, I'm happy with his level of involvement. Pregnancy he could really care less about, but he is an excellent father - and I'd rather have him focus on our other kids and be a good dad to them than be all concerned and interested in the belly.

So far this pregnancy really hasn't affected him at all, except he probably puts more of an effort in to help around the house, not that he has a lot of time to help out.

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"akpufa" wrote:

I switched our coffee to half-caff so I can drink more...oh but maybe DH doesn't know about that. Wink

HA HA HA HA! That's awesome! My hubby forced me to go to half caff...did it the second the test turned pink. I still have 2 small cups though.

As for my DH...I don't think it has affected him much other than he eats more cr@p food because so do I. Blum 3

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Funny about the coffee... at this point I just keep on drinking the regular stuff like I always do - I really only cut back with my first couple, after that, well, it's not something I worry about. Oh, and DH. Well, I'm pregnant almost more than I'm not, so really, life just goes on. I guess he's kind of along the lines of Sandra's DH. He's not real into the belly, but is a great dad. Smile

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Your DH's should count their blessings! Mine has been very much affected by this pgn. I put SOOO much on him on top of his already busy work. Thankfully we got a cleaning lady to ease that pressure at least. But definitely more taking care of DD (which he did tons of anyways, but now it's more defined). But he's pretty much exhausted and really ready for this pgn to be over! And he's not so into the pregnant look - so there's a whole lot of "where did my wife's body go" type of thing. I can do without the comments that my butt and legs are getting a bit bigger Sad But he's trying to be honest with me, which we usually ask for when it comes to our bodies - then we complain when we don't like what we hear.